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Morrissey would like to stress that he has absolutely no affiliation with the site called Morrisseysworld, and that the views expressed on Morrisseysworld blog and Twitter page are not Morrissey's views, and do not come from Morrissey. Morrissey has no connection with this site. Please beware.

Morrissey would also like to stress that he has no association with the Warner release called 'The Smiths Complete'. This project has taken place without any consultation to Morrissey, and without any approach to Morrissey from either Warner, Rhino, or Johnny Marr. Therefore, Morrissey has no knowledge of the remixes, and has had no input in the project.

Morrissey would like to thank all of the people who have - so quickly - bought tickets for his November and December US tour, which he looks forward to very much.
Linder interview in "JUKE" magazine
Linder interview in 'JUKE' magazine; ...with a little Moz talk... - post by joefrady at
The summer issue of 'JUKE' magazine features a Q & A with Linder. Her answers sound more like the e-mail exchange that she had with Morrissey for 'Interview' last Spring than a face to face encounter...


Did you ever closely work with Morrissey on your/his projects?

Morrissey and I never work. We are incapable. We may be the end-product of generations of the working class, but something short-circuited in us at an early age. That is not to say that we have an easy life - far from it! And this is not to say that we don't labour - we do. But we never think in terms of work. We first met in 1976 when Britain was in a state of gross unemployment. We were totally unemployable then and probably still are. We never learnt to work and we never knew what...
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This Sunday hear @JoseMaldonado talk Morrissey & me talking fluent gibberish on Indie103: 9am PCT/5pm UK. Stream live
Video / link posted by Jose Et Les Smiths on Facebook:
Uploaded by RhinoUK on Jul 29, 2011

Another The Smiths video recently found in the archive - this time a TV advert for the 'Singles' compilation released in 1995 with Mark Radcliffe providing the voiceover.

US ticket sale information is beginning to show up on Ticketmaster and Ticketfly. Check the tour status page for the latest details as they come in.

Also news of competitions:

win vegas tixs on janice long's show - forum post by sistasheila.

Josh writes:

Monday-Friday 102.1 The Edge in Dallas will be giving out tickets to the Dallas show

10A-2P weekdays
Sunday morning 8A-1oA on Old School
Sunday night 8P-11P on The Adventure Club

Tickets on sale Friday so if they sell out you’ll have chances to win twice on Sunday​
I always read Saturday's Guardian on a Sunday morning, and just come across the interview with Jonathan Ross in the Weekend Magazine. At the end there is a mention of Morrissey - no real news I'm afraid, just a name drop:

How would he feel if the new show bombed? He says it won't because there's an audience out there for him, and he's too good to let that happen. "Would you like me to drop another name for you here? I went for dinner with Morrissey after the BBC show and…" Meanwhile, the photographer is desperately trying to get his attention. "Let me just finish what I was saying about the Morrissey thing because this is interesting. You'll like this. He was talking about me leaving the BBC and was surprised at the way the press had reacted, and I said, in actual fact, I feel really grateful for what happened because I'm coming up to 50, done that show for 10 years, there...​
Following on from the cover of 'Please Please Please...' Hear is another Moz cover from Teesside's own Andy Jones.

Hope you guys don't mind me posting these covers up. But i do rather love them.

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Mike writes:

I just wanted to let you know about my feature film, UNHAPPY BIRTHDAY, which is coming out in the UK on DVD on 24th October 2011 and the 25th October in USA.

It is a creepy thriller set on the island of Lindisfarne in North East England - the first film to be shot there since Roman Polanski's Cul-de-Sac in 1968. So it's quite an accomplishment. We filmed the entire film in a week with a miniscule budget but we are assured it doesn't show....

We have a small distribution company so we really do rely on our supporters, our tribe of film enthusiasts and the film is certainly gaining momentum having being reviewed in Variety and screened at various international Lesbian and Gay Film Festivals this year.

Here is a link to the DVD on Amazon UK, Amazon US.

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