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Update: Dec. 1, 4:15pm PT:

@apeconcerts Twitter update:

morrissey has postponed @foxoakland tonight, but hold those tickets as we are trying to reschedule asap.

Todd sends the link:

Tonight's Morrissey Show at the Fox Theater Has Been Canceled - SF Weekly
By Ian S. Port Thu., Dec. 1 2011 at 2:57 PM

Morrissey's drummer, Matt Walker, hurt his eye, which is why the band cannot play tonight. His publicist says the injury is not expected to affect any other tour dates.

Original post:
Just got word from Morrissey's publicist that tonight's sold-out show at the Fox Theater in Oakland has been canceled.

No explanation for the cancelation was given. But you may remember that last time Morrissey came to Oakland in 2009, he also canceled his show -- allegedly because he was sick. (It...
Please don't move this thread, I am not the seller, I'm just making an observation and just wanted to hear what other collectors think.

Is it just me, or is this a really lame promo:

The Smiths Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want 1 Trk Promo CD Morrissey - eBay UK

"Hummmm, we need to find a clever cover for this single, one which will stand out and catch peoples eyes or we could simply use the William sleeve". Jeez that must have taken them all of 10 seconds to come up with that one. Where is the imagination? Perhaps I'm just getting old and bad tempered :straightface:


Is this item real? The sticker states the 'impact date' is Dec. 26.

Update Dec. 3, 7:50AM PT:

Item looks legitimate....
My Spanish is not very good, but I think this says that his 7th December (Mexico City Plaza) concert is being streamed live on the web - something to do with Coca-Cola?

Concierto de Morrissey en México será transmitido por Internet - LifeBoxset

!Viva Hate! posted the translation via Google Translate:

Morrissey concert in Mexico will be webcast
Posted on Tuesday November 29, 2011 in News

The Morrissey concert on Wednesday December 7 at The Plaza will be broadcast via the Internet. This will happen exclusively for Coca-Cola.FM, a new radio station where live announcers Reactor 105.7, as a recluse and Cova, with some of RMX, such as "Peez" and Hector "Pada" Padilla, others Ibero 90.9 as Baxter and our partner Velez addition of new voices.

To listen to the live concert only thing to do is to enter station page or use the player embedded in this post.

There's a 2 or 3 page feature on J Marr in the new Uncut where he answers questions from various musical types.

Scan of article posted in the original thread by Uncleskinny.
Mentions Morrissey and this site.

Don't buy my music - The Guardian

Why is Elvis Costello telling fans not to buy a new box set of his music? Tim Jonze reports on the fine art of career sabotage
Reminder: Morrissey is on "Conan" (TBS) tonight.

Update Nov. 30, 1:04 AM PT:

Link to video on YouTube posted by an anonymous person:

Related item:
Update Dec. 3, 2:30pm PT:

Item is on with a quote from Morrissey:

Morrissey says: "I am delighted beyond words to be a PETA postage stamp. The rise and rise of PETA is the rise of common sense in modern society. Join the aims of PETA and join a better world."

Just spotted on their website PETA's new US Postage Stamps featuring "famous vegetarians" includes Morrissey.

I think it means you can only buy them from the PETA site but use to post letters in the US?

Famous Vegetarians Featured on U.S. Postage - PETA

PETA has launched a limited-edition sheet of U.S. postage PhotoStampsTM featuring famous vegetarians throughout history. The VIPs featured on these unique postage sheets ditched meat from their diets either...
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