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'The Smiths and Morrissey changed our lives' - The Observer

They might have split 24 years ago, but the Smiths remain as popular as ever, and not just among those who remember them first time around. Here, Jon Savage and some of their fans explain their enduring appeal

Jon Savage, Gemma Kappala-Ramsamy and Rosanna Boscawen

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EXCLUSIVE: The Smiths Complete Box Set The FIRST pictures! - superdeluxeedition

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Statement -
1 October 2011

Morrissey is delighted at the speed of ticket sales in Puebla, Mexico City and Guadalajara, and would like to express sincere thanks to everyone who has bought tickets.
See the forum thread for more reports, videos and images.

Report posted by Dave2006:

Top night last night - Johnny is one cool, cool bloke. Well, last night he was sweating buckets because it was so hot in there.

At one stage he stood in front of the monitors playing to the crowd, people were patting him on the head and ruffling his hair, one guy in the front row was obviously saying something to Johnny and it looked like Johnny kissed the top of his head - it was a surreal, beautiful moment.

A mate lifted the set list from the guitarist at the end and gave it to me -


There is a Light was lined up as a potential final encore (there is a question mark at the end of the title, but it's not too clear on the photo) but after 'It's My Life' (was this a cover - it sounded vaguely familiar?) he left the stage not to return....​
For fans of The Smiths: a complete box set by Stephen Dalton, The National
Members of the band and a few diehard fans weigh in ahead of the release of The Smiths' complete collection.
Johnny Marr talks about remasters on Radcliffe and Maconie
Link and summary posted by Dave2006 in the forums (original thread):

Wednesday - With Johnny Marr - Radcliffe & Maconie, BBC Radio 6 Music

He says he's very very happy with the remasters.
He took all the 'nonsense' off the original records 'I knew we sounded better than that'.
Stephen Street was working in the next door studio at the time... and he came in from time to time... high fives all round.
Bernard Sumner was also involved - apparently he's a Smiths 'expert'. [Correction posted in the thread by minminmusic - "Go back and listen to the radio was Bernard BUTLER...not Sumner."]
He's not sure if the other Smiths have heard it... 'it's only just come out'. So, side stepping Morrissey's comments......
Gilbert O' Sullivan gave an interview to The Daily Yomiuri news source in the run-up to several performance dates in Japan in October. He spoke about his song, Nothing Rhymed, amongst other things, and about his feelings on why Morrissey might have chosen to cover it:

..."['Nothing Rhymed'] was an important song for many reasons. Apart from being the first hit, it was the first record with [former manager] Gordon [Mills]. Everything seemed to gel then, that first recording session when we did that, in 1970.

"In Japan, they liked it because they wanted me to go there. The world was interested in me at that point because of how I looked, so for a lot of people it's their favorite track of mine, which I don't mind at all," he said, adding that a certain legendary guitarist might have been in the studio for the recording.

"There's still a feeling--it's still debatable--I think Jimmy Page was the guitar...