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The Smiths Complete boxset is the lead review in the reissues section of Uncut, in an indie packed month that also sees reviews of the 20th anniversary edition of Nirvana's Nevermind and a reissue of The Jesus and Mary Chain's back catalogue. The 2 page feature includes a classic early picture of the band.
28 August 2011

Final details of all Morrissey live dates for November in the U.S will be announced on True-To-You on Thursday September 1st. Tickets will go on sale on Friday September 9th.

The U.S tour will be immediately followed by Mexico, where concerts will take place in Monterrey, Guadalajara, Puebla and Mexico City.

Morrissey will also appear on two U.S television shows, details of which will be included in the September 1st news release.
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"25 August 2011

The William Morris Agency are due to announce the full itinerary of Morrissey's November-December concerts for both the US and Mexico. Morrissey has been attending the Wellington Hospital in London for treatment for his right index finger, which remains broken. Morrissey was bitten by a dog in June."
No update yet on the ten US tour dates that were supposed to be announced on Monday according to (previous story).
From Leiber and Stoller to Lennon and McCartney: the alchemy of the duo - The Guardian
Songwriting duos have given pop some of its finest moments. Laura Barton looks at how they work – and what happens when they don't


Sometimes, of course, the kind of quibbles that Stoller described in his relationship with Leiber can escalate into something more destructive; the legendary songwriting duo Bacharach and David, for instance, came apart at the seams when Burt Bacharach decided that Hal David's half of the deal – writing the lyrics – was the easy part. Similarly, Johnny Marr was reportedly much put out that, having written a particularly pretty tune, Morrissey gave it the rather less fetching title Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others.
Noel Gallagher's Greatest Picks - Mojo

The Smiths
Hand In Glove

The Smith's dark, swooning debut single heralded the arrival of the band that would blow the mind of our guest editor when he heard them on the radio at the age of 17.
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Mott The Hoople Documentary Due -


Detailing the band's story, the importance of Mott The Hoople within the pantheon of rock music is laid bare. Morrissey volunteered to write the sleevenotes, penning some moving words to his boyhood heroes:

“Savage history always passes judgment in due course, and here we are, in 2011, still studying Mott The Hoople.”

Bringing the band's story back to life, Mott The Hoople are rescued from their place in the history books and given a new relevance by a thoughtful, provocative and enthralling new documentary.

'The Ballad Of Mott The Hoople' is out on October 10th.