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"Still, keep annoying them, Steven."

Much as I admire Morrissey’s refusal to conform, I don’t much like his music - The Spectator
By Rod Liddle

His latest, California Sons, is an album of not terribly good songs

Rock stars who utter something a little gamey, something a tad right-wingish, are usually coerced by the lefties into a cringing apology before you can say a-wop-bop-a-lu-bop. This is not a new thing — it happened to Eric Clapton after his ‘Enoch’s right’ outburst in 1976 (which very quickly spawned the Socialist Workers Party-led Rock Against Racism movement). The message has always been: get with the programme, right-wing scum, or we’ll hate you and your career will be over.

Credit, then, to Morrissey for refusing to resile from his belief that England is ceasing to be the England he knew and loved and that there are...
Going by how many anti-Corbyn articles the Guardian managed to publish after he was first elected leader, I suspect they've got about another 150 of these anti-Morrissey pieces in the pipeline...

As a black teenager, I loved Morrissey. But heaven knows I’m miserable now - Opinion / The Guardian
By Joshua Surtees
I used to defend Morrissey against accusations of racism. Now I feel betrayed by his support for bigots like Tommy Robinson

(And it's some top class trolling, using "Heaven Knows..." in the article title, given how much they know Morrissey hates that and "Bigmouth" being used in headlines.)

This is never going to end unless Morrissey backtracks/apologises. Which means: this is never going to end.

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Behind the Meteoric Rise of Merck Mercuriadis' Hipgnosis and Why He'd Like to 'Abolish the Word Publishing': Q&A - Billboard

has just published another interview with Merck, about his Hipgnosis venture, which includes this exchange:

Q: When you buy them [songs] outright, are there stipulations in the contract, like you can't license them to an anti-abortion campaign? Do you honor those type of things?

A: Yes. If someone says to me, these are things in life that are important to me -- because again, at the end of the day, first and foremost, I'm a member of the artists' community. For example, if I was buying Morrissey's catalog and he said, "You're never going to advertise meat with my songs," first of all, I'm a vegan, so I'd be very happy to follow that path. I'll never use any of these songs to sell meat. But if someone had...

Yes, Morrissey is an idiot.
Listen to him!

By Dennis Pohl - 6 June 2019

As with all Google translated articles - please be receptive to the idea of a high mistake rate.

Morrissey has once again appeared with right symbols and continues to spread gross nonsense. Thanks for that! Because this exposes how self-righteous the supposed rebellion of the right is.

Let's just say it out: Steven Patrick Morrissey is a pitiable dork. And yes, he has always been. Even in times of his ex-band The Smiths. Therefore, it is only to be welcomed that the now 60-year-old is now facing the backlash he has earned for at least 20 years.

Anyone who still had any doubts about Morrissey's idiocy has been taught a lesson at the latest in the last twelve months. He recently appeared on Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show with a...
Posting this interview (it's very, very, very long) with Merck Mercuriadis because it mentions Morrissey but aside from that it's one of the most interesting music business interviews I've read in a long time.

Industry Bomb Thrower Merck Mercuriadis On Disrupting The Music Business [INTERVIEW] - hypebot

But if you're only interested in the Moz-bit, it's here:

"I use that word incorruptible to describe Morrissey as well when people talk about how difficult Morrissey is. He’s incorruptible. He knows what is right for him and it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s right for you he is going to end up doing what’s right for him. If you are going to work with Morrissey the only basis that you can work with Morrissey is if you believe that the work is important. A level of importance that it doesn’t really matter that what happens with the...
Armond White, always an interesting writer, with a typically provocative and fascinating in-depth reading of the album:

Morrissey’s California Son Makes Protest Music Personal - National Review

"Morrissey proves that what we used to think of as protest songs contain more than virtue-signaling and that they can live past their original moment. On each track, his expressive timbre captures that instant when a listener’s personal responsibility crystallizes — and shines."