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"This is why Trump is everybody's enemy" -
5 February 2017

"This is why Trump is everybody's enemy"

says Morrissey.

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Saw this remarkable film about a remarkable man last night: James Baldwin. Approached Morrissey who was also at the film and who agreed it was remarkable ( he and I haven't spoken in 30 years - so that was remarkable in a way) go see this film! #jamesbaldwin #iamnotyournegro #morrissey#learntoloveme #assembletheways

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Morrissey in Guadalajara -
1 February 2017

Morrissey will headline the Roxy Festival in Guadalajara (Mexico) on April 1st.


This is not America photomontage by Sam Esty Rayner.

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hello there everyone
I need help with this release
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I have practically checked everything and found no info whatsoever
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A1 The Queen Is Dead 6:05
B1 Oscillate Wildly 3:26
B2 Money Changes Everything 4:10
B3 The Draize Train 5:08


Sir David ‘fave guest’ of Desert Discs host - Herald Scotland


Young, 48, added that she would often go to extra lengths to try to relax interviewees, including sharing a bottle of vodka with ex-Smiths frontman Morrissey.

She said: “I try and make my castaway at ease. Once people relax, they’re more likely to open up.

“And we had it on good authority that Morrissey drinks neat vodka, so we made sure we had a bottle.

“When my producer said: ‘Would you like some tea or coffee... or vodka?’ “Morrissey said: ‘Vodka.’ I had one as well. I wasn’t going to have a cup of tea when Morrissey was having a vodka.

“I didn’t drink it. He did.”

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Roll over Beethoven: Desert Island Discs stars pick pop...

Man City fan and former drummer with The Smiths, Mike Joyce, and The Smiths fan and former City legend Paul Lake will be teaming up for a night of Football and Music Stories for an audience at Salford Lads Club next month. Here, Ian Leslie asks Mike Joyce about music, City and a possible autobiography...


Paul's autobiography is a great read; would you consider releasing a book?

You're right, it is a great read. And that's one of the reasons why I wanted to interview Paul. My book? I wasn't so sure a few years ago, but there seems an inevitability now that I'll release something in the future.