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Again, doesn't feature on the deluxe edition:
Recorded live at the Performing Arts Center, Milwaukee on 16th August, 1986.

With a link to the full track on YouTube:

Use the hashtag #FranklyMrShankly (Twitter/Instagram) to be included in the 'memories' section.

(I hope all 550 Smiths Official subscribers appreciate this track! Why this isn't being shared via Rhino and their Twitter acc is still privated is just beyond daft).

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Let's face it – only Morrissey understands your true feelings. And now he can help express all your sentiments with this collection of postcards to share with friends, family and disgruntled exes.

This touching set of tear-away cards (6.25" x 4" 100lb card stock) is perfect for any occasion and features playful visuals and cheeky Smiths references from the "Pope of Mope" himself. Exploring such themes as love, lust, boredom and self-loathing, these cards will have your special someone knowing exactly how you feel when you can't find the words.

So whether you want to "go out and find the one you love" or simply get your hands on your ex's mammary glands, these sentimental mementos are perfect for you.

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A bit bizarre for my tastes, but new today:


Sparks' Ron Mael talks Morrissey, Cole Porter, French film directors and new album Hippopotamus ahead of Rock City gig - Nottingham Post
Did you know that Morrissey only communicates by fax?


Sparks on Morrissey
As well as being noted as an influence by artists as diverse as Kurt Cobain, Arcade Fire, Sonic Youth, The Ramones, Björk, Depeche Mode, Abba and Paul McCartney, Sparks have an infamous mutual admiration society with Morrissey. They even wrote a song about him called Lighten Up, Morrissey.

But will their long-mooted album together ever happen?

Ron Mael: “I would really hope that could happen. A few years ago there was more of a movement towards that happening and we tried writing a few songs. Sometimes it’s hard getting a response from him. You don’t get a fax message back (laughs) or anything, which is how he usually communicates.

“But I would...
...why not, eh? Have a go.

The Smiths: All 73 Songs, Ranked - Rolling Stone
Morrissey and Johnny Marr lasted only five years as a songwriting team, but these Manchester lads left a lifetime's worth of absurdly great songs behind
by Rob Sheffield
Hand in Glove: The Smiths, Morrissey and ‘kitchen sink’ cinema - BFI
The first Morrissey biopic, England Is Mine, doesn’t contain any of his music, but his work is rife with references to British film. Here we look at how his solo songs and the music of The Smiths drew inspiration from working class screen stories.
By Alex Davidson

Very similar to our own discussions here.
"England Is Mine" (official site), the movie based on early life of Morrissey, is out now in the UK.
Morrissey movie director: 'We don't want to upset him' - BBC News
By Ian Youngs Entertainment & arts reporter
3 August 2017

As subjects for music biopics go, there can be few trickier than Morrissey, the idolised, enigmatic, prickly former frontman of The Smiths. However, that reputation did not deter an Oscar-nominated film-maker who grew up down the road from the singer.

Gill says he has not been in touch with the real Morrissey directly, but that the film-makers have "done everything we can to be respectful".

He says: "We don't want to upset him. And you'll see it's not that type of film."

So what if Morrissey launches one of his famous tirades against this new film and its makers?

"I'll frame it," Gill replies with a smile. "Nothing's going to change - the film's coming out.

"It would have been nice to have a conversation directly to say, 'This is what I'm doing....