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Morrissey: The Prime Minister Britain Actually Needs - Gateway Pundit
Guest Post By Breitbart’s Charlie Nash


The British General Election is on Thursday, and the people are faced with a disappointing range of candidates. With the success of Brexit and Nigel Farage’s departure, UKIP are as good as dead, and Tim Farron’s Liberal Democrats have marketed themselves as a more anti-Brexit clone of the Labour party, leaving us with two main party candidates to choose from:

The Conservative Party’s Theresa May, an unelected Prime Minister who publicly wants to bring about government control over the internet, and who pretends to be for Brexit, despite having treated the general populace like children during her campaign against it....
Russell Brand discusses ‘rude’ and ‘hard work’ Morrissey - NME
Jun 6, 2017

"He's got some sort of gravitas. People are properly affected by him."

Russell Brand has discussed his relationship with Morrissey, saying the Smiths legend can be “rude” and “hard work”.

The comedian is such a big fan of Morrissey that he named his cat after him, and in recent years the duo have become friends too.

Asked by a Q reader if Morrissey is “hard”, Brand replied: “He’s hard work! Everyone that knows him, even the people you think are as famous to him, really kowtow to him.”

“He’s got some sort of gravitas,” Brand added. “People are properly affected by him.”

Brand also shared the story of a witty put-down Morrissey aimed at him after a gig the comedian had played at...
This is top-notch. and no mistake.

*EDIT* When I try to link it, it says it won't embed. Just click on the 'Watch on Facebook' link herein.

...I know some folk can't see this, and so, with Alain's permission, here is the Youtube video...

RIP Ben Cho: Chloë Sevigny, Cat Power and More Remember the Designer and Downtown Darling - W Magazine

A lot of Morrissey fans in NYC and beyond might know or remember Ben Cho, especially if you ever went to the Morrissey nights at Sway, where he used to dj. Sadly Ben passed away over the weekend.

Includes Morrissey, Stone Roses, Joy Division, Oasis, and many, many, many more. My personal favourite from the list is Edward Barton's 'Me And My Mini"

7-disc ‘Manchester North of England’ features Joy Division, Stone Roses, Oasis, more - Slicing Up Eyeballs


Cherry Red Records has finalized the tracklist for its massive Manchester North of England box set, a 7-disc collection due out next month that features 146 songs spanning 1977 to 1993 by such fabled Mancunians as Joy Divison, New Order, The Stone Roses, Morrissey (but not The Smiths), The Fall and Oasis.

The collection — its full title is Manchester North Of England: A Story Of Independent Music | Greater Manchester 1977-1993 — is due out July 28,...
Tony writes:

HBO has a comedy special this month, a funny/dark guy named Chris Gethard who is a real fan; I had no idea, but the dude mentions the Smiths/Moz in 3 or 4 occasions and sings a little bit of "I Know It's Over" and "Asleep" during the show, shows off a Morrissey tattoo. Funniest part is him trying to explain who Moz is.

Chris Gethard’s Biggest Musical Influence (1:09) - HBO
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Alex Broun's film - A BEAUTIFUL REQUEST - Indiegogo


The first half of this film was shot over three days in January 2017 in Melbourne. We managed to raise a minimal amount of the budget independently through private support, sponsorship and goods and services to film this first half. If we don't reach our target of $4,000, the film will remain unfinished. That would be a sad reality, so we ask that if you wish to see this film, please make a pledge and share this campaign as much as you can. Every pledge is important and no amount is too small.

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