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New Balls Please
The Case of the Missing Balls

- By P. Katsis

Ho Hum……..another boring day, another boring story in The Guardian about Morrissey.

How long ago was that comment about Mr Robinson? More than a month ago?

And The Guardian are still writing about it?

Must be sad for the editors to know they need to write about Morrissey in order to have anyone buy or read their shit paper.

Must be even more disappointing for them that the event they helped back in Manchester on Sunday night was a complete failure.

No one attended.

Bottom line is Morrissey doesn’t need Mr Lee, or The Guardian, for anything.

He is still doing quite fine, even in the UK.

At this point The Guardian could not be more predictable. More insignificant to the music audience. I did not think that possible to be honest.

Most folks know The Guardian has had it out for M for years now.

And most folks realize that when the Guardian prints a headline saying Former Morrissey fans plan an anti-racist rally,...
This weekend I ventured down to the goliath of a city that is London to see the cure at Hyde park. The day was assured to be a fun one , it was sunny , England won against Sweden and everyone was enjoying themselves. I ventured to the gig wearing a Sheila take a bow t shirt thinking nothing of it and that I would just be seen as a music lover, I was incorrect.

During the gig I was shouted at and mocked for the t-shirt , and called a nazi, a fascist and a homophobe. To this I replied "why am i being called this" and I found it was due to my love of Morrissey and for the words he says rather than my own personal beliefs. This wasn't just a single event it happened numerous times throughout the day.

I personally don't believe Morrissey is a racist, far from it in fact, and I don't believe be has fascist views. But very narrow minded people do believe this and will revel in the opportunity to insult and provoke his fans into action.

To this I urge all moz fans to not rise to the...
Johnny Marr slams ex-bandmates - The List
Johnny Marr has slammed the former members of The Smiths who planned to tour a classical version of the group's hits this year


Johnny Marr has blasted his former Smiths bandmates over their reunion project.

The iconic group announced earlier this year they were to reunite as Classically Smiths without the guitarist and frontman Morrissey for a series of orchestral shows with occasional guitarist Craig Gannon but axed the gigs after bassist Andy Rourke denied his involvement, prompting drummer Mike Joyce to pull out.

And now Johnny has admitted their proposal felt like being "burgled" by a former acquaintance and slammed his ex-bandmates for "plundering" their legacy.

He told MOJO magazine: "What a farce. That was so obviously about money.

"The legacy was being plundered.

"I wasn't consulted and that tells you all you need to know, I...
Stewart Lee weighs in on Moz

How to treat Morrissey? Stop listening to him - The Guardian
By Stewart Lee
It’s hard when our idols disappoint us. But as it happened, my break from the former Smiths frontman came easily…

Illustration by David Foldvari.
Ant-Man and the Wasp’s director on half-size Paul Rudd & Morrissey references - Polygon
With a million possibilities and a team of special-effects artists at his disposal, Peyton Reed’s sequel is full of surprising choices


"Ant-Man and The Wasp is the first movie I’ve seen that represents the Mexican-American love for Morrissey on screen. How’d that wind up in the movie?

Reed: I’ve been a Smiths fan since the beginning. In fact, I played drums for a brief amount of time in a Smiths cover band called Louder than Bombs. Years ago, we were playing a show at Spaceland in Silverlake and we did our Smith cover band cover and some guy came over after the show was like, “Oh man, you guys were really good. It’s amazing, man, between you and Sweet and Tender Hooligans. It’s so great to have these Smiths cover bands.” I was like, “Wait a...
Nice tribute of sorts:

Published on Jul 6, 2018

Ben Avison's second single from his forthcoming second album. Video by Patrick Steel of; sound production by Robin Christensen-Marriott, with Tobias Sturmer on drums and Steph Pirrie on additional vocals. Buy the single at (Profits go to Love Music Hate Racism)
The More You Ignore Me review – Morrissey and love in fun version of Jo Brand novel.

By Peter Bradshaw.


The More You Ignore Me review: a miscast Sheridan Smith derails Jo Brand's bittersweet mental health comedy.

By Robbie Collin.

Click spoiler for full review minus the pay wall nonsense:
Writing mental illness is a minefield, acting it another. The More You Ignore Me manages to pick its way through only the first of these unscathed. This adaptation of Jo Brand’s 1980s-set novel, directed by feature first-timer Keith English, spins an appealing, bittersweetly funny tale of a Morrissey-mad teenage girl whose life is regularly derailed by her mother’s worsening mental state.

But oddly, it does so...