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I was suprised to see a John Lewis advert (shown on UKTV Gold) which used the intro to This Charming Man. The ad is mentioned in Marketing Week here.

Statement -
16 September 2011

Morrissey's concerts at The Shrine in Los Angeles and the Fox in Pomona both sold out today within 20 minutes. The Shrine is Morrissey's fastest-selling Los Angeles concert in over ten years.

Morrissey and the band are delighted, and would like to express heartfelt thanks to everyone who bought tickets.
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A Monthly Smiths & Morrissey Tribute Night & Dance Party. (Is it really so strange?)

Next edition: Thursday, September 22, 2011

To RSVP (Facebook invite)

Calling all charming men & unruly girls who will not settle down! Join scores of sweet and tender hooligans as headmaster DJ Ceremony spins a vehement all-night Smiths & Morrissey tribute dance party including classics, deep cuts, & new releases (-'cause I really do love them; does that sound mad?). Also featuring UK, Northern Songs, Britpop, & Manchester. 21 & up.

• Special guest Moz-styled go-go by the very charming Anna Copa Cabanna: 11:30+
• $5 cover (E-mail host for limited comp. guest list)

Thursday, September 22th, 2011 — 10 p.m. to 4 a.m.
Venue: Gallery Bar (lower level) — 120 Orchard Street (just above Delancey)
New York City
Rosanna writes:

The Observer New Review
is running a feature on Smiths fans. We're particularly looking for fans who embrace the band's way of life in terms of dress sense, lifestyle, how they decorate their home or room, or perhaps they have followed in the band's footsteps in some way. It will be a picture heavy feature, so the more visual the fan's following of the band, the better.

If you think this sounds like you and you'd like to be featured, send an email ASAP to [email protected] giving a brief description of why you'd be suitable - and send pictures too if they're relevant."​
Statement -

Morrissey would like to stress that he has absolutely no affiliation with the site called Morrisseysworld, and that the views expressed on Morrisseysworld blog and Twitter page are not Morrissey's views, and do not come from Morrissey. Morrissey has no connection with this site. Please beware.

Morrissey would also like to stress that he has no association with the Warner release called 'The Smiths Complete'. This project has taken place without any consultation to Morrissey, and without any approach to Morrissey from either Warner, Rhino, or Johnny Marr. Therefore, Morrissey has no knowledge of the remixes, and has had no input in the project.

Morrissey would like to thank all of the people who have - so quickly - bought tickets for his November and December US tour, which he looks forward to very much.
Linder interview in "JUKE" magazine
Linder interview in 'JUKE' magazine; ...with a little Moz talk... - post by joefrady at
The summer issue of 'JUKE' magazine features a Q & A with Linder. Her answers sound more like the e-mail exchange that she had with Morrissey for 'Interview' last Spring than a face to face encounter...


Did you ever closely work with Morrissey on your/his projects?

Morrissey and I never work. We are incapable. We may be the end-product of generations of the working class, but something short-circuited in us at an early age. That is not to say that we have an easy life - far from it! And this is not to say that we don't labour - we do. But we never think in terms of work. We first met in 1976 when Britain was in a state of gross unemployment. We were totally unemployable then and probably still are. We never learnt to work and we never knew what...
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This Sunday hear @JoseMaldonado talk Morrissey & me talking fluent gibberish on Indie103: 9am PCT/5pm UK. Stream live
Video / link posted by Jose Et Les Smiths on Facebook:
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Another The Smiths video recently found in the archive - this time a TV advert for the 'Singles' compilation released in 1995 with Mark Radcliffe providing the voiceover.