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Viva Hate - Pitchfork
By Tom Ewing; March 28, 2012

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Viva Hate review by Martin Aston, BBC
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One of Britain's best athletes, the world number one squash player James Willstrop from Yorkshire, has written about being inspired by Morrissey in his new book of diaries, 'Shot and a Ghost'. The diaries chronicle the ups and downs in a year of the life of one of the world's fittest sportsmen. He talks candidly about his rivalries on the world tour, the pain of day to day training, the death of his mother in 2000, and of course his admiration for Morrissey. See the extract below from the book.


One day at home, in the house I had once shared with Mum, sitting as I sometimes did, gazing at her pictures during a quiet moment of the day, I remember sobbing myself dry.
In the aftermath of this one episode, I turned on the television and skipped music channels, when onto the screen came a bequiffed figure wearing a white blazer, waving his microphone cord and arms in a way that was awkward, yet compelling. I didn’t recognise the song...
the rash of these chiptune covers inspired me to finish my 8bit version of 'stop me'.

made with nothing but gameboys and a deep deep love for the smiths and Morrissey.

i just returned from me 'olidays in Thailand - flew on Thai airways. In the in-flight entertainment tv selection there was something called "studio sesions" which had documentary footage of various artists (mostly new acts) recording "live" versions of recent tracks in the studio setting, this episode (episode 1) included Morrrisey. Tony Visconti produced the session in Temple Lane studios (quite recently) and he was there encouraging and engineering rather than activiely producing (as the song were recorded as "live" takes) they was very brief behind the scenes footage of banter between him morrissey and the band and they played the four new songs (not art-hounds). I hadn't seen this footage anywhere else before - has anyone else heard of this or seen it?

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I thought these were definitely worth posting about for those who don't regularly scour eBay for Morrissey-related items...

They're currently up for auction on ebay (links here, here and...
Viva Hate: Album release details and pre-ordering information -

EMI release a special edition of Morrissey's debut solo album Viva Hate on April 2nd in the UK on CD, vinyl LP, and digital download.

The special edition of Viva Hate is remastered, and features the rare track "Treat Me Like A Human Being", a written introduction from Chrissie Hynde, and previously unseen photos.

Viva Hate track listing:

"Alsatian Cousin"
"Little Man, What Now?"
"Everyday Is Like Sunday"
"Bengali In Platforms"
"Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together"
"Late Night, Maudlin Street"
"Break Up The Family"
"Treat Me Like A Human Being"
"I Don't Mind If You Forget Me"
"Margaret On The Guillotine"

You can pre-order the special edition of Viva Hate now from

UK CD,...
Morrissey: Fandom, Representations & Identities
Out Now In Paperback

Order from Price: £15.95/ $25

Following a very successful international launch in late 2011 and a very warm reception by both Morrissey fans and academics alike, Morrissey: Fandom, Representations and Identities will be published in paperback format on March 19th. Hot Press selected it as their ‘Rock Music Book of the Fortnight’ and described it as “The thinking man’s take on the thinking man’s musician.” The academic journal Punk and Post-Punk said that “The book shines, offering real insight and creative scholarship in equal measure.”

One of the book’s co-editor’s Dr. Eoin Devereux states “Morrissey is one of the most influential songwriters of our time. As leader of The Smiths and as a solo-artiste, he has remained an anti-establishment and outspoken figure who has fought to bring...