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Suedehead (Mael Mix): Single release details -
11 April 2012

This month, EMI release a limited edition Record Store Day 10-inch picture disc and a digital download of "Suedehead (Mael Mix)": Morrissey's 1988 debut solo single as remixed by Ron and Russell Mael.

"Suedehead (Mael Mix)" is backed with two previously unreleased BBC live tracks: "We'll Let You Know" and "Now My Heart Is Full", recorded at London's Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in February 1995.

The 10-inch picture disc is released on April 21, and the digital download is available on April 23.

Stefan Krix also posted (original post) a link to the EMI Germany Record Store page with an image of the 10":

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Chris Carter talks about giving Mark Snow a copy of How Soon Is Now?
and how Morrissey's whistling served as blueprint for the X-Files theme tune! [41.45 onwards]

Johnny Marr on Breaking Up the Smiths, Remastering Their Catalog - Rolling Stone
'I had the foresight to see disaster looming,' says guitarist


Marr accepts responsibility for disbanding the Smiths, but – perhaps surprisingly – it appears he's not entirely opposed to reuniting with his former bandmates, including lead singer Morrissey. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the guitarist looks back fondly on the Smiths' celebrated career.
Johnny Marr Remembers the Smiths' Studio Albums - Spin

" 'I haven't talked about the Smiths today yet,' says Johnny Marr upon answering our phone call to do just that, "which is unusual." Such is life when you played guitar and wrote songs for one of the most iconic bands of the last 30 years. /.../

On the day we called Marr, though, talking about the Smiths was no burden. Rhino Records has recently released remastered versions of the Manchester quartet's entire catalog and Marr himself oversaw the remastering. To commemorate the occasion, we asked the eternally boyish-looking guitarist to reflect on the band's four studio albums."
Torr sends the link / excerpt:

Lonely Planet Boy: An interview with ‘Jobriath A.D.’ director Kieran Turner - Dangerous Minds

"And every time I read about him, he was always described as a joke, so I believed it, since I was unable to hear the music. I guess I stumbled upon the compilation Morrissey put out while I was online, took a chance and ordered it and was just blown away by the music and the talent. And after that, I was obsessed. I wanted to know everything. I was expecting to hear a 70s version of Pansy Division and what I got was a real artist."
To complement the exhibition The Gospel According To (Part 1), which explores connections between The Smiths and the work of major contemporary European artists which is on at the Manchester Cornerhouse this week there will be a panel discussion.

Tickets are £5.50 or £4.50 for concessions and are available from here…

The panel will be this Thursday and takes us back, via contemporary art practice, to the Manchester of the early 1980s and the emergence of the legendary group The Smiths. There will be lots of talk about the Smiths from the art background of the band and also from the indie as their first drummer Si Wolstencroft will be on the panel as well as Declan Clarke, a lifelong Smiths fan, Declan will contribute to the panel discussing their influence on contemporary art and the intersection of cultural memory and socio-political history.

Looking in retrospect to a 1980’s Manchester as inhabited...
Looks like the re-issue missed the top 100.
If memory serves, the re-issues of Southpaw and Maladjusted both made the top 75...