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Why I'm breaking up with Morrissey.


"What I’m about to write is complicated because I haven’t talked about it much. But I thought it was time to acknowledge it publicly: I have been going through a divorce... with Morrissey.

Although I’ve tried to deny it, I was in a dying relationship. I knew it was over. Still I clung.

I write this confession ahead of the November 17 release of his 11th album, Low In High School, and in wake of a long list of problematic utterances I can no longer co-sign."

Morrissey Talks New Album 'Low In High School,' Police Brutality & Why Music Is 'Like a Dating Service' - Billboard
11/14/2017 by Joe Lynch

On Nov. 17, Morrissey returns with Low In High School. As the cover artwork – which shows a young boy standing in front of Buckingham Palace toting an "axe the monarchy" sign as well as an axe – indicates, the former Smiths frontman hasn't mellowed with age. In fact, Low In High School is one of his most political musical statements in an already outspoken career, tackling everything from blood-for-oil wars to resistance to corporate media over the course of 12 tracks.

Ahead of the release of his 11th studio album (and first since 2013's World Peace Is None of Your Business), Morrissey answered a few questions from Billboard via email about his new record label Etienne, the kid on the cover of his LP and why...
Morrissey Official fb page posted that signed albums will be for sale at the pop-up shops. As well as “experiences.”

Morrissey Album Launch Pop Up Shops in London & Los Angeles featuring exclusive merchandise ranges, signed albums and Low In High School experiences during 17th Nov, 18th & 19th Nov.


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Advertising the album launch and pop-up shop.

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