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Blondey McCoy Set to Launch "All a Tremulous Heart Requires" Art Exhibition in London - Hypebeast
Blondey walks us through his homage to The Smiths.
By Nicolaus Li

Stepping away from his Thames label and the skate world, Blondey McCoy recently announced he is set to launch an art exhibition titled, “All a Tremulous Heart Requires.”

Commisioned by biannual fashion magazine Arena Homme +, McCoy put together four new large form pieces to be displayed at St Martin-in-the-Fields in London, serving as the young skater, designer and artist’s homage to The Smiths, more specifically when guitarist Johnny Marr took...
Morrissey's management are doing their best Donald Trump impersonation in this latest post from his official Facebook page:

Over the weekend, a merry prankster flew a new flag over Northcliffe House, the home of The Independent. A fed-up Moz fan perhaps at fake news? Either way we approve of the new logo! -Mgmt
Instrumental of 'My Love...' just used in a highlights package at the opening of Match of the Day.

At 28:30
"I might have to fuck with Morrissey, on some Smiths shit," he said. "Make some emo, real, retro-infusion, motherfuckin' 2018 shit, man."

He's worked with Rod Stewart and Moby, so why not Moz? There is a huge demographic to be gained here.

Not watched it through yet.
With great relief, some pride and joy, I express my sincere thanks to you for our recent UK/Mexico tour - which, impossibly, perhaps, seemed like our best yet. I felt mesmerized by the audience at Alexandra Palace, and overwhelmed by the audiences at Birmingham and Glasgow. That compressed image, to the very last glimpse, is in the mind forever. It’s a joy that even happiness might become confused by. So, thank you - in the most plain language, for your support and loyalty, both of which could never be questioned.

I am sorry that our art-hounds at The Independent and The Guardian were so hateful about the tour, but as we now know, hatred is their income. They do not care and they have no taste. Rather than suffer the ordeal of insanity, I would suggest that you never again buy or log onto these ‘hoax news’ outlets: they will die quickly without you.

Enormous thanks to Radio 2 for adding Jacky’s only happy when she’s up on the stage to their playlist...
Morrissey’s Defense Of Free Speech Underlines What Both Right And Left Get Wrong - The Federalist

Morrissey has penned an eloquent attack on those who oppose free speech, but it has lessons for the defenders, too.


"Former Smiths front man and international superstar solo artist Morrissey has found himself in progressives’ crosshairs again. This time, the controversial crooner has hit back in a new form. After being savaged as a racist xenophobe by the United Kingdom newspaper The Independent in what was supposed to be a concert review, Morrissey launched a new website with a brutal screed attacking both the outlet and British society in general.

This is not the first time Morrissey has been attacked by the politically correct brigade. Last year he came under fire for suggesting that acts of Islamic terror are often committed by...