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How to Be Depressed: A Guide -
Dana Eagle's How to Be Depressed: A Guide is a witty primer for stark times.
Good news for SLC.

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I was at The Lad's Club a couple of weeks ago and I was informed that the proceeds for the sale of the 'Mozzer' t shirt had hit the £10,000 mark...and counting! I just want to thank all of you good folk that bought the T shirt and those involved at the club for raising such a staggering amount of money for such a great cause. Mike x

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Ex-Fairground Attraction star Mark Nevin talks Bowie, band break-ups and cults - Hampstead Highgate Express


"Then as he posted the final tape from his local Chalk Farm postbox, who should walk by but the ex Smiths frontman.

I introduced myself and he went bright red and said ‘thank you, see you in the studio in two weeks’. It was weird writing songs by post before I had even met him but it worked in a weird way. When we started recording (1991’s Kill Uncle album) I didn’t even know what the songs were. Then he starts singing ‘I’m going to be sick over your frankly vulgar red pullover’ and we (the band) were laughing so much there were tears running down our faces.”

Even better was when Bowie himself asked to cover the Morrissey/Nevin track I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday.

“I was with Kirsty MacColl in L.A on the roof of the...
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Listen to Ryan Adams play ‘Who Said It: Donald Trump or Morrissey?’ - NME


Ryan Adams plays a game called ‘Who Said It: Donald Trump or Morrissey?’ during the first episode of his new Beats 1 show.

The first episode of Adams’ new show The Midnight Wave, which the singer-songwriter describes as “like Wayne’s World, but for real”, aired on Sunday (February 19).

During the show, Adams introduced a quiz game called ‘Who Said It: Donald Trump or Morrissey?’, in which you have to guess which individual said a series of statements. He went on to suggest that the game could be a regular feature on the show.

Listen here.

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Morrissey pictured with Rise Records CEO (Craig Ericson).

Continuing their ongoing 'love' affair with Moz, which has been going on for years and years.....
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Here is the promo video - featuring Andy Rourke and Craig Gannon. You know what -I actually like this!

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Ryan Adams, Our Valentine's Day Guest DJ, Addresses Love And Lonesome Roads - NPR


On The Smiths' "Well I Wonder":

"I think that he is describing that unbelievable force of extreme longing... it's the most romantic feeling. This is, in my opinion, probably the greatest song I know. I think he's describing that unbelievable force of extreme longing, and it's the most romantic feeling — it's the perfect storm of just utter romance. Every color is as bright as it could be."