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This was posted on June 1 and seemed to have slipped through the cracks. It is interesting to see how some of the covers work better than others. Of course, covering a great song is sometimes harder to pull off than covering a mediocre one: how do you match the original?

Gotcha Covered: “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” - Stereogum
Has anyone seen this ? Sam Esty posted this on Instagram it seems there's a date !

Not my design. Mock up poster. #morrissey #hollywood #hollywoodbowl
This charming man? England is Mine explores a younger Morrissey to reveal lesser seen shades - The List (
by Kirstyn Smith - 9th June, 2017.


"Ahead of Morrissey biopic's world premiere at Edinburgh Film Festival, The List's music editor and self-confessed fan takes a look at the man behind the myth and the devotion he arouses.
It's awkward being a Morrissey fan. It's even more awkward to be a Morrissey fan with a couple of very visible tattoos related to the singer. People are inclined to greet you with the phrase: 'What's that say? Morrissey? Aw, he's a c**t.' "


Oh, and own up... who was it!? :)...
An anonymous person writes:

Håkan Hellström, one of the most popular artists in Sweden uses Morrissey montage as a backdrop.
With football shirt of the Swedish second division team Gais.

The gig was last night, June 9, at Stockholm Stadion, 27 819 attending.

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Just learnt Eliza Cummings is an English model .. with a YATQ tee for wonderland mag France .. was that official merch?
Here's an interesting interview with a Smiths fan (living in New Zealand), who appeared in The Smiths video for Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before:

Crashing down on a crossbar: The New Zealand man in a Smiths video - The Spinoff
By Helen Lehndorf
June 8, 2017

In 1987, at the tail-end of The Smiths' five year lifespan, a call went out to fans: apply now to be featured in the music video with lead singer Morrissey. Among those chosen was Hector Hazard, who talks to Helen Lehndorf about his memories of the day, and shares some never before seen photos of the shoot.
How Bill Cosby was once completely upstaged by Morrissey - and hated it.

The Telegraph, 6th, June, 2017:
(by 'Telegraph Reporters').

"Morrissey has his admirers, but these days, the 58-year-old generally seen as a bit of an embarrassment.
The lugubriously cool former Smiths frontman might have once made fans happy (in the haze of a drunken hour) - but heaven knows, he’s a miserable sod now. Whether he’s issuing unhelpful, insensitive statements on the recent Manchester attack, comparing the murder of 77 people to “what happens in McDonald's every day”, or describing the Chinese as ”a sub-species”, it’s clear that he long ago crossed the line from being delightfully anti-authority to being offensively anti...well, everyone. And the less said about his 2015 Bulbous...