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shame there’s no moz in the 90s playlist but maybe they thought piccadilly palare was simply nowhere near the brillance of rupaul’s “super model (you better work)”
The Independent has a story on its website about presenter Kirsty Young stepping down, for medical reasons, from her role of interviewer for the BBC Radio 4 programme 'Desert Isand Discs'. It lists - presumably in their view - her Top 10 interviews,on DID. It says "The Smiths frontman is uncharacteristically chirpy in his interview with Young, talking about his relative ease with life aged 50 and how he’s “very glad indeed” he didn’t grow up to be normal."

The article says that Kirsty Young recorded 496 DID interviews. The Independent put Morrissey's in her Top 10. See how Independent hates Morrissey?

They certainly were happier times when that interview was recorded.

Watching the second episode of Prejudice and Pride: A People’s History of LGBTQ Britain (originally broadcast in 2017, but available again for 22 days on iPlayer), was pleasantly surprised to find an extensive segment on the writer Shaun Duggan and his connection to Morrissey. (from about 34 mins)

Couldn’t find any mention of this online previously, so thought it was worth a thread of its own for some positive content. In Shaun’s own words- “Getting into the Smiths, Morrissey’s lyrics, it’s almost like this person you’ve never met is singing about your life. Instantly, you feel less lonely. I decided to write a play based on one of their songs. I took the song, William, It Was Really Nothing, invented characters around the lyrics, and wrote this short play. And then it was shortlisted, eventually, it was put on at the Royal Court in London....
You Should NOT Be Friends with Moz Fans, says Article

Why It's Time To Ditch Your Morrissey-Loving Friend - The Quietus
David Stubbs , July 4th, 2019 08:28


The Killers’ Brandon Flowers on Morrissey: “He’s still a king” - NME


Brandon Flowers of The Killers has revealed a few of his favourite artists, or “kings” as likes to refer to them.

“Brandon has many kings,” Killers drummer, Ronnie Vannucci told NME right before their Glastonbury Pyramid Stage headline set.

“Yeah, I have about fifteen kings. Liam [Gallagher] is one of them.”

Listing other stars he admires, Brandon went on to namecheck “Don Henley, Peter Gabriel, Morrissey would be a king, Bono would be a king, Springsteen would be a king.”

Asking about Morrissey‘s problematic politics, Flowers replied: “He’s still a king. He’s unparalleled in what he’s achieved and his prowess and his lyrics and his sense of melody, it’s just incredible. I forgot he was in hot water though, so I shouldn’t have brought him up.”