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Mexico City sold out.

16 February 2017

Morrissey's forthcoming show at the Sports Palace in Mexico City has sold out. All 21,000 tickets were sold within two days.

Morrissey has commented: "Estoy echando mis brazos alrededor de México. ¡Viva México!"

above photomontage by Moses S. Valiente.
Morrissey Mexico City -
15 February 2017

On the first day of sales, Morrissey has sold seventeen thousand tickets for his Mexico City show at the Sports Palace.

above photomontage by Moses S. Valiente.
This is an EMI promotional T-shirt made in tiny quantities to mark the release of the Every Day Is Like Sunday single. I believe all the examples were offered as prizes in a Smash Hits magazine competition. No other EDILS t-shirt was ever produced officially in the 1980s. It's totally and utterly genuine and I'm willing to bet one has never even been offered previously on eBay.


This promotional t-shirt is one of only 12 made by EMI to mark the release of Morrissey's Every Day Is Like Sunday single in the UK. It was never for sale in the shops and was only offered to fans as a prize in a competition run by Smash Hits Magazine, back in 1988.

As such it is among the scarcest Morrissey t-shirts ever produced and a superb item for the collector of Moz mega-rarities! Many fans will...


Björk, Deep Purple, Chrissie Hynde and Nick Cave all feature in the new issue of Uncut, dated April 2017 and on sale on Thursday, February 16.

While warming up for a final tour and album, Deep Purple’s Ian Gillan, Roger Glover and Ian Paice recall their wild career in rock, while Chrissie Hynde reveals all about the Pretenders, the ideal candidate to take on Donald Trump and dinner with Morrissey.
I have no idea of the validity of this, but someone has posted this photo to Facebook, claiming that the guy in the black sweater with glasses on the left is Morrissey:

Photo posted by JD Beauvallet / Facebook (original post?) Link posted by Lande.

Le jeune homme en pull noir avec des lunettes, sur la gauche, c'est Morrissey. A un concert des Sex Pistols. En 1976.

Facebook translation to English:
The young man in a black sweater with glasses, on the left, it's Morrissey. Has a concert pistols. In 1976.

Link to tweet posted by I_Am_A_Disco_Dancer:

The Sex Pistols famous Manchester gig at The Lesser Free...
The Lagniappe Sessions: Steve Gunn – Smiths Versions - Aquarium Drunkard


This latest installment of the Lagniappe Sessions hits close to home — Steve Gunn taking on a pair of Smiths tunes. Gunn, in his own words, below. His latest LP, Eyes On The Lines, is out now via Matador.
In this list, here:

Gwendoline Riley | Five Things Right Now - Granta Magazine


2. Charles Aznavour

This performance has been part of the Morrissey tour intro video for the last few years, so I’ve watched it many times while waiting for M. I love his passion! And his limpid eyes. ‘Emmenez-moi au bout de la terre!’ A ready soul reacts. This one’s terrific, too. Both Aznavour and Morrissey were born on May 22nd, on the Taurus Gemini cusp, known as the Cusp of Energy. This makes complete sense when you look at these marvellous men. Aznavour is ninety-two and will be touring South America and Russia this spring.

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A decent Spanish speaker would help,
but it appears they are giving full consideration to where he's sited, the chef/gastronomic part of the festival, times etc...
(their source:
Cut'n'paste of translation (pretty poor):

"This is the plan of the Roxy Festival so that Morrissey does not cancel its presentation

Morrissey fans know that if the British get any scent of animal flesh, you can immediately cancel any of your scheduled concerts. At Roxy Fest, the Guadalajara festival to be held on April 1 at Trasloma Park, they already have the perfect logistics to respect the petition of a vegan and animal rights advocate as the ex-leader of The Smiths.

We are healing with horror because we will place his dressing room totally separate from the area assigned to other artists. It will be an exclusive...