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redpathetic (6184)
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a decrepit fan

Friday October 05, 2007
12:01 PM
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Sigh with eyes wide.

I'm going to try adopt the attitude of celebrating life, whatever situation or state I'm in. This might give me the fuel to move ahead and fight for what I want. It won't change the general trend my life has always been on, instantly, but in an accumulative way it might.

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well (Score:1)
one can only hope so i guess...
se repenti fort <> -- Friday October 05 2007, @12:12PM (#276654)
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  • Re:well by redpathetic (Score:1) Friday October 05 2007, @12:38PM
    • Re:well by se repenti fort (Score:1) Friday October 05 2007, @01:08PM
    it's Britney, Bitch (Score:1)
    a long time ago we used to be friends.
    rehab didn't work.
    ScottyK -- Saturday October 06 2007, @08:04PM (#276920)
    (User #7165 Info)
    Meet me in the alley

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