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everybody's lost (12791)
everybody's lost
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Thursday December 31, 2009
07:05 PM
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one for my baby, and one more for the road...(Frank Sinatra)

Happy new year's to everyone....
I'm just waiting for my nails to dry, I've got a rum-cake in the oven to take with us tonight, alog with a bottle of Jack, a bottle of white, and some champagne for midnight.... we're going to our friend's house out in the suburbs...
it's kind of a low key good riddance to 2009, and from what I've heard from friends and family, it's gonna be low key for everyone.

I've got my 'new' outfit ready to put on - it's a superstition I'd been following since about 2005, you need ALL new clothes to greet the new year, and you need to wear red knickers - last year, I broke my little superstition by seeing in 2009 on the couch in (old) pajamas, and see? it was a crappy year by all accounts... sorry about that.... that was probably my fault ;) but this year, I've got it covered... everything down to my shoes.....

I kinda like everyone's rundowns of their experienes, and as I thought about it, the noughtie's were actually quite nice to me... all until 09, so that's quite all right...
in september of 99 I turned 20, and having just turned 30 a few months ago, I can safely say that my 20's were a success... not always, mind, but in general, there's a lot to be thankful for... graduating university, living on my own, then getting married, buying a condo and practically all of my travels were all done in the noughties.... a lot of good times were had.... never mind the fact that the jobs are now scarce (luckily, I still have mine) and that my condo's value halved, and all the trouble with the mom, uncle, etc... the good really does outweigh the bad....
and I *feel* a lot better now at 30 than I ever did before.... I've been physically fit for a while now, I've really pushed myself in the last few years and accomplished some things I never thought possible and been to some great places...
I have to sort of stop myself from looking at the shortcomings though - such as the fact that I very easily could have completed a master's degree in something or that I haven't really gone anywhere in my job, that I should be more 'successful' by now, oh and the nagging feeling that I haven't yet moved away from here and I've wanted to for about as long as I can remember....

well, in any event, here's to a new start....
new year's eve can be so depressing.... time to get that cork popped....

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Happy New Year to you! (Score:1)
Hope you had a great night! We had a quite on here too, went to a friends house for BBQ and drinks.
I feel similar about the last decade - feel like I've grown up a bit & feel much more comfortable within myself. Also feel that I achieved things like the big overseas trip & university & two children! Can't wait to see what the next 10 have in store.
Best wishes to you!
M-in-Oz -- Friday January 01 2010, @12:26AM (#348626)
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