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Last journal entry: every day is silent and grey...., Tuesday January 25 2011, @09:56AM (0 comments)

I feel like I'm hibernating through the winter... after a summer spent outdoors, I've locked myself up in the house, I've sealed the windows in plastic, weatherpro ...
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everybody's lost (12791)
everybody's lost
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Re:ditto  *Wednesday December 22 2010, @08:36AM  1
   attached to Journal Discussion: so here it is merry christmas everybody's having fun(slade)
no way  *Monday October 18 2010, @03:13PM 1 1
   attached to Journal Discussion: I've just been reading the old entries
Re:you're back!!!!  *Monday June 28 2010, @10:33AM  1
   attached to Journal Discussion: and a small voice said, what can we do?
Re:Bonus!  *Thursday April 29 2010, @08:33AM  1
Re:Crazy laws  *Thursday April 29 2010, @08:17AM  1
   attached to Journal Discussion: you chase in the rat race- and you always feel so hollow....
Condolences....  *Monday April 26 2010, @08:32AM  1
   attached to Melinda Hsu
Re:Education  *Tuesday March 09 2010, @05:33PM 1 1
Re:Education  *Tuesday March 09 2010, @05:30PM  1
   attached to Journal Discussion: give up education as a bad mistake....
oh canada....  *Thursday March 04 2010, @09:01PM 1 1
   attached to Journal Discussion: Trying not to work
Re:Old-eee  *Thursday March 04 2010, @08:56PM  1
   attached to Journal Discussion: to someone... somewhere.....
Re:wine  *Thursday February 18 2010, @06:12PM  1
Re:wine  *Wednesday February 17 2010, @09:38AM 1 1
Re:wine  *Friday February 12 2010, @03:16PM 1 1
   attached to Journal Discussion: an afternoon nostalgia television show (little man what now)
I don't know how you do it...  *Wednesday January 13 2010, @08:50AM 1 1
   attached to Journal Discussion: RE: January
Re:Happy New Year to you!  *Saturday January 02 2010, @08:33PM  1
   attached to Journal Discussion: one for my baby, and one more for the road...(Frank Sinatra)
brothers Mario....  *Tuesday January 05 2010, @09:54AM  1
   attached to Journal Discussion: Wish lists
stephen merritt said it best....  *Tuesday December 29 2009, @08:32AM 1 1
   attached to Journal Discussion: Can I Just Say That....
Re:Break us, but leave our Mothers alone!  *Monday December 07 2009, @10:13AM  1
   attached to Journal Discussion: we need a little christmas... right this very minute....
sorry.....  *Thursday December 03 2009, @10:13AM  1
   attached to Journal Discussion: A journal entry...
Re:iPhone  *Thursday October 22 2009, @01:54PM 1 1
   attached to Morrissey at lunch in West Hollywood photo - Queerty
Virgo Horoscope  *Thursday October 01 2009, @10:27AM 1 1
   attached to Journal Discussion: car crash
Re:service  *Thursday October 22 2009, @02:07PM  1
Re:service  *Tuesday September 29 2009, @07:55AM 1 1
Re:service  *Tuesday September 29 2009, @07:42AM  1
   attached to Journal Discussion: I should know, I looked all over town...(magnetic fields)
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