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davidt (1)

Sunday May 01, 2005
09:18 AM
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Rejected submission

Morrissey is burrito boy

Link from an anonymous person

School mistakes huge burrito for a weapon

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haha, that IS a weapon (Score:0)
Have you ever eaten a 30 inch burrito?
Anonymous -- Sunday May 01 2005, @12:14PM (#160182)
    What?? (Score:1)
    heehee Burrito boy....... Too funny...
    Anyhow Hello David I hope all is AOK....
    Write me TO
    So I can give you my cell number ok....
    Hugs To You :)

    Marisela -- Monday May 02 2005, @10:54AM (#160316)
    (User #1865 Info)
      crazy (Score:1)
      i cannot believe that article..what are the odds that 'burrito' 'weapon' and 'morrissey' would all be included in one story?

      i hope the article made you laugh..smiling seems so rare for you!
      WhyteGrrrl <> -- Tuesday May 03 2005, @08:52PM (#160523)
      (User #13540 Info | )
      No One Can Hold A Candle To You
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