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Last journal entry: Mozzer theories, Sunday April 19 2009, @08:44PM (2 comments)

This article appeared in the SF Beyond Chron on-line magazine on Friday (4/17/09) the day before the Oakland concert was cancelled. ...
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artful dodger (13974)
artful dodger
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I'm just a space cowboy riding this big MF'er called Earth.

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what a great trip  *Tuesday May 12 2009, @07:09PM 1 1
   attached to Journal Discussion: good to be back home
hi alma  *Monday May 04 2009, @09:38AM 1 1
   attached to Journal Discussion: Dreaming The Impossible Dream!
Re:thanks for posting that Arty  *Tuesday April 21 2009, @12:18PM  1
   attached to Journal Discussion: Mozzer theories
thanks for the little get-away  *Thursday September 18 2008, @07:57PM 1 1
   attached to Journal Discussion: Back from holiday
America needs more of Russell Brand  *Monday September 08 2008, @09:27PM 1 1
   attached to Russell Brand and Pete Wentz mention Morrissey email exchange in VMA commercial
don't get your undies in a twist  *Thursday August 28 2008, @08:48AM  1
   attached to Poll: Will you go against Morrissey's wishes and buy Live at the Hollywood Bowl DVD and Hang The DJ album? (suggested by Mal)
thanks  *Saturday August 30 2008, @10:18PM  1
kindred spirits  *Wednesday August 27 2008, @09:59AM 1 1
thanks  *Monday August 25 2008, @09:19AM  1
Re:Aint; no word like hypocrisy.  *Monday August 25 2008, @09:16AM  1
there are more Michael Moores here  *Monday August 25 2008, @09:11AM  1
Re:Aint; no word like hypocrisy.  *Saturday August 23 2008, @07:01PM 1 1
   attached to Journal Discussion: Chinese take-away: what I learned watching the Olympics
obese vampires...  *Saturday June 21 2008, @11:30PM  1
   attached to Merck Mercuriadis replies to Mike Joyce statement
do you like pina coladas ?  *Wednesday June 04 2008, @12:45PM 1 1
   attached to Journal Discussion: your pointless life will end, but before you go......
fantasy sex  *Monday June 02 2008, @12:18PM 1 1
   attached to Journal Discussion: ending and beginning
Morrissey's a 49er today  *Thursday May 22 2008, @04:26PM  1
   attached to Morrissey turns 49 - May 22, 2008
hotter than hell  *Friday May 16 2008, @02:38PM  1
   attached to Journal Discussion: fuckin heat wave & the NANA movies
men  *Friday May 16 2008, @02:42PM 1 1
   attached to Journal Discussion: Months later, still stuck on my perception of him.
thanks again  *Monday May 12 2008, @05:54PM 1 1
   attached to Journal Discussion: wanderlust or just lust?
Re:bizarro world  *Monday May 12 2008, @04:28PM  1
   attached to Journal Discussion: I am hated for Loving v. Virginia, 388 US 1 (1967)
Re:Two Peas in a Pod  *Tuesday April 22 2008, @08:59PM 1 1
   attached to Russell Brand on getting advice from Moz
Re:please don't go, from Artful dodger  *Wednesday April 16 2008, @03:59PM 1 1
   attached to Journal Discussion: The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
gazing at boys  *Monday April 14 2008, @09:17AM 1 1
   attached to Journal Discussion: Morrissey's Brand
thank you  *Monday April 07 2008, @05:57PM  1
   attached to Morrissey attends Russell Brand's Hollywood show
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