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Wilde is on my side (13955)
Wilde is on my side
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Friday May 13, 05
02:49 PM - Hooray day!
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Well, initially, today started off pretty badly... standing at the traffic lights, and for some reason I get it into my head that when it says 'wait' next to the button, you are allowed to cross (perhaps because it was lit up?). So I charge into the road, and nearly get hit by a truck (eh bob, my prophecy nearly came true!). A little shocked, I just manage to make it to the other side. THEN I notice that a man in another truck is staring at me because I am such an idiot. So I start feeling really embarrassed. Because I am so deep in thought and paranoia, I take a wrong turning. I have nearly reached the place where I work before I realise that this is not supposed to be my destination. (This could be a good thing I suppose; I HATE work. It is graced by old fat sweaty men. Occasionally I am indulged with the presence of a young fat sweaty man.)

  So I turn around in the middle of the street and start walking the other way. By this time I am even later than when I left home. On my way I see a dead bird being eaten (and puked on) by flies. Eurgh.

Later, I have to sit a mock exam that I have not revised for.

Then I go out with my Dad. In Costa’s, I order a raspberry frescato. Then to my disappointment I observe them adding milk. So my Dad gets my delicious frescato, and I get his manky mango drink.

HOWEVER! The day has been made wonderful! I can hear the birds singing in the trees! (Not the dead one), and I notice that the sun is out, despite the fact that there are gale-force winds, and I still need the heating on to keep warm. And it is all down to the fact that I have just been awarded my first point for humour!
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Happy days (Score:1)
Hello there, I'm sorry I haven't posted earlier...Not checked these journals in a while! Just felt I should post a wee comment to say welcome, and I'm quickly becoming a fan of your journal...

So, considering studying politics. It's no' big and it's no' clever. Why not studying accounting? It's so very interesting, I assure you...Where do you study? What do you study? Where do you work? So many questions!

Well, welcome, anyway :-)
JacquesTheLad -- Saturday May 14 2005, @03:49PM (#161689)
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"She doesn't even like me...And I know because she said so..."
I know I am hopelessly late, but... (Score:1)
"I can hear the birds singing in the trees! (Not the dead one)"

I have to say, this line cracked me up. Just the kind of thing I might say.

Thanks for a Monday morning giggle. Going to read your entry for yesterday now.
bobmozza -- Monday May 16 2005, @02:24AM (#161801)
(User #6533 Info)

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