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I'm Gaby. I like classic cars. I love Morrissey/The Smiths. PS: I'm new at my friend?

Monday January 15, 07
10:39 PM - Burning Sensation...
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ON MY HAND!!!!!!!.....Sooo, today was what seemed like a "normal" day, woke up late, had sum brunch, Listened MOZ...then went to this phone store place thingy where I bought my phone and complained that it was acting like a comp (it freezes and stuff) and the guy totally pissed me off cause he didnt do Crap about it...Anywho, I came back home and was on my way to work....At work I burned myself with the palomera..(popcorn maker) and now I have a BIG red spot on my right hurts :(
Anyways. Thats NOT car ran out of gas.. and I had to borrow $5 from a friend..sad sad sad...
Well, yeah.. I believe this is all folks. What Seemed like a horrible day, really wasn't - I've had WORST.

Tell me how sucky ur day was :)


PS: Still looking for Moz Tickets! :(

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