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Last journal entry: My life w/out Morrissey..., Thursday June 07 2007, @08:29AM (0 comments)

Last nite was the Moz show in Riverside...*sigh*

Had Lady M and I not moved out of state, we could have walked over to the venue from her lovely apartment. ...
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Lady Gaz (7577)
Lady Gaz
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20 year old Moz-devotee, born and raised in LA, now residing in Hell, Minnesota. Love the lavish lifestyle of Hollywood, the disco-teques, the cocktails, the beautiful people of LA, and all things 80's!

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Moz in Mpls.  *Tuesday April 07 2009, @08:58AM  1
   attached to Minneapolis, MN - State Theatre (Apr. 6, 2009) post-show
Re:from MINNEAPOLIS  *Monday April 06 2009, @08:59AM  1
   attached to Chicago, IL - Aragon Ballroom (Apr. 4, 2009) post-show
Re:Hey!  *Thursday October 12 2006, @08:44AM  1
   attached to Journal Discussion: My life truly is a pigsty...
Re:me  *Saturday June 25 2005, @08:54AM  1
   attached to Journal Discussion: I am still right here...
Re:Lady M  *Saturday April 30 2005, @09:12AM  1
Re:Lady M  *Saturday April 23 2005, @01:23PM 1 1
   attached to Journal Discussion: You know I couldn't Last....
Re:again I ask  *Saturday April 16 2005, @12:59PM 1 1
   attached to Journal Discussion: Something of value may be lost, give up your job...
Re:where is lady M  *Saturday April 09 2005, @11:44AM 1 1
Re:Bauhaus  *Saturday April 02 2005, @12:37PM  1
   attached to Journal Discussion: I'm tired, and I, I want to go to bed...
Isn't it the truth?  *Friday May 21 2004, @05:17PM 1 1
   attached to Poll: Favorite track off You Are The Quarry (suggested by Emotional Whirl and others)
Re:Tell Lady M  *Friday May 21 2004, @05:20PM  1
   attached to Journal Discussion: I wanna go home, I don't wanna stay...
Re:Felizidades!!  *Saturday October 18 2003, @12:18AM  1
   attached to Journal Discussion: Throw your homework onto the fire...
My, my!  *Wednesday October 15 2003, @02:34AM 1 1
   attached to Journal Discussion: The final countdown.......
Climber, new entry, re-entry!  *Monday October 13 2003, @04:27AM  1
   attached to Journal Discussion: Lady Madonna
Re:Lovely Entry,  *Saturday October 11 2003, @12:03PM  1
Re:awww...  *Saturday October 11 2003, @12:00PM  1
   attached to Journal Discussion: "The sanest days are mad"
A novice, are you?  *Friday October 03 2003, @11:21PM  1
   attached to Journal Discussion: anything
Meeting with an old flame...?  *Monday August 18 2003, @04:19PM 1 1
   attached to Journal Discussion: He knows I'd love to see him
Lady Gaz' decision...  *Wednesday July 16 2003, @02:11PM 1 1
   attached to Poll: Who is the best bass player Morrissey has worked with? (suggested by Elvis Presscott)
Re:ehhhh!!!  *Wednesday July 16 2003, @02:13PM  1
   attached to Journal Discussion: A Royal Falconer, I am...
cradled in YOUR arms?!  *Monday June 30 2003, @09:02PM  1
   attached to Journal Discussion: A small baby girl cradled in your arms
October Spawned A Monster...  *Monday June 30 2003, @09:07PM 1 1
   attached to Journal Discussion: birthday calendar
Hola, Sweet Senorita!  *Sunday May 18 2003, @07:20PM 1 1
   attached to Journal Discussion: A bond of trust has been abused…
Re:They always manage to go this low...  *Saturday April 05 2003, @11:49PM  1
   attached to Journal Discussion: huummmmmmm
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