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Eric Hartman (5103)
Eric Hartman
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"Although conservative in many respects, Eric Hartman is reluctant to accept the world as it is. He has a piercing eye for all human defects, weaknesses, and follies, which makes him a bitter and disenchanted philosopher. He possesses a powerful personality which allows him to impose himself effortlessly on others. However, his secretive nature both fascinates and disquiets, for no one could pretend to know precisely where he stands at any given moment."

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Re:String Quartet Version at My Wedding  *Wednesday January 26 2011, @08:03AM 1 1
   attached to Poll: Which is your favourite 'Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want' cover? (suggested by cesar martinez)
Oh dear...  *Wednesday January 19 2011, @03:24AM 2 1
   attached to The Complete Smiths Project by Janice Whaley
Re:Who would wanna read a book about Johnny Marr?  *Sunday January 16 2011, @06:02AM  1
   attached to Johnny Marr tweets book deal
Great poll!  *Wednesday January 12 2011, @08:40AM 1 1
   attached to Poll: Gayest Morrissey Video? (suggested by Poll Stroker)
Yes, a total bore.  *Monday December 06 2010, @04:25AM 1 0, Flamebait
   attached to Message from Morrissey RE: Johnny Marr vs. David Cameron -
Re:great song...  *Thursday December 02 2010, @04:58AM  1
   attached to Scott Matthew and Spencer Cobrin play "Lost" at Vienna gig
Re:I Know It's Over  *Thursday November 25 2010, @07:39AM 2 2, Funny
   attached to Poll: What Is Your favourite Smiths song NOT released as a single? (suggested by dave underwood)
Yes, yes, yes!  *Tuesday October 12 2010, @01:58AM  2, Funny
   attached to Poll: Which Morrissey/Smiths CD is it that you most want to see re-issued that is yet to be remastered? (suggested by Catherine Gorie)
Time for retirement  *Monday September 27 2010, @08:09AM  -1, Troll
   attached to "Everyday Is Like Sunday" re-release released (UK - Sep. 27, 2010)
Re:Celebrate???  *Wednesday September 29 2010, @07:06AM  1
Re:Celebrate???  *Wednesday September 29 2010, @07:01AM  1
   attached to Morrissey's 'Supreme 13 Singles' - Spotify playlist
Re:Roxy Music Baby!!!  *Monday August 23 2010, @12:42AM 1 1
Re:Roxy Music Baby!!!  *Thursday August 19 2010, @05:38AM 1 1
Smoking Popes  *Wednesday August 18 2010, @12:35AM  1
Re:Roxy Music Baby!!!  *Wednesday August 18 2010, @12:32AM 1 1
   attached to Poll: Of Morrissey's 13 favourite albums, which do you like best? (suggested by Johan)
More to come...  *Wednesday July 14 2010, @02:45AM 2 2, Funny
Re:Ugh...  *Wednesday July 14 2010, @02:37AM  1
   attached to Bona Drag 20th anniversary edition, remastered & extra tracks (Sep. 27)
What?  *Thursday July 01 2010, @07:48AM 1 2, Funny
   attached to Morrissey spotted at the Patti Smith gig in Hyde Park
Absolutely...  *Thursday July 01 2010, @05:56AM  2
   attached to "How Soon Is Independence?" - The Smiths / Destiny's Child mash-up by Mark Vidler
Yes, yes, yes...  *Thursday June 17 2010, @04:36AM  1
   attached to Pete Shelley - "I was nearly a Smith"
Re:1 Elvis  *Thursday April 22 2010, @02:38AM  1
   attached to Poll: Who is the best non-Morrissey solo artist of all time? (suggested by Copeland)
Re: Morrissey wins by default  *Thursday April 08 2010, @04:52AM 1 1
Re: Morrissey wins by default  *Wednesday April 07 2010, @01:15AM 2 1
Re:My two favorites...  *Tuesday April 06 2010, @06:37AM 3 1
   attached to Poll: What is the best non-Smiths band of all time? (suggested by Copeland)
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