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Dagenham Dave (953)
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David T is the Man  *Tuesday January 25 2011, @12:24PM  1
   attached to Morrissey-solo modernization
Why not?  *Tuesday January 18 2011, @07:46AM  1
   attached to Smiths/Coachella rumor update
Re:Morrissey's next compilation  *Thursday December 16 2010, @11:49AM 1 1
Re:Morrissey's next compilation  *Thursday December 16 2010, @09:53AM 3 1
   attached to Information regarding EMI catalogue - true-to-you.net
Re:Unloveable  *Wednesday December 01 2010, @08:26AM  1
   attached to Poll: What Is Your favourite Smiths song NOT released as a single? (suggested by dave underwood)
Never Heard of Any of these Broads  *Friday July 23 2010, @09:52AM 1 2, Funny
   attached to Poll: Which one of the following female cover stars is the most poignant to be featured on a Morrissey/Smiths release? (suggested by K
So many to choose from but if I had to choose:  *Thursday July 08 2010, @09:50AM  1
   attached to Poll: The funkiest Morrissey or Smiths song would probably be... (anonymously suggested)
How couldn't it be Manchester  *Sunday May 16 2010, @06:29PM  1
   attached to Poll: What is your favorite village, town, city, or district referenced in a Smiths/Morrissey song? (suggested by Poll Stroker)
Re:Skin Storm  *Thursday February 18 2010, @03:08PM  1
Skin Storm  *Thursday February 11 2010, @03:45PM 3 0, Redundant
Re:some thoughts off the top of my head  *Thursday February 11 2010, @02:58PM  1
   attached to Poll: Valentine's Day special: apart from 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out', the second most romantic song written and sung by Mo
Jesse Tobias = Adolph Hitler = Slobodan Milosevic  *Saturday April 25 2009, @12:27PM  1
Jesse's Songs Better Than Alain's Latest Efforts  *Friday April 24 2009, @02:30PM 6 1
   attached to Poll: Given that Jesse Tobias receives a bit of a bashing about the quality of his writing, is there a song, penned by him, that you p
Hint   *Friday April 10 2009, @11:04AM  1
   attached to Artist Rebecca Warren chooses Moz song as soundtrack to her life.
Cram the New Album  *Friday April 10 2009, @11:08AM 4 1
   attached to Poll: What do you listen to on the way to a Morrissey show? (suggested by Southpaw_75)
Re:Why all the neighsaying. It was Good.  *Friday April 10 2009, @11:11AM  1
Why all the neighsaying. It was Good.  *Monday April 06 2009, @09:23AM 3 1
   attached to Chicago, IL - Aragon Ballroom (Apr. 4, 2009) post-show
Getting in Line For Aragon Now (Chicago)  *Saturday April 04 2009, @06:46AM 1 1
   attached to Milwaukee, WI - Eagles Ballroom (Apr. 3, 2009) post-show
Re:Be honest  *Monday April 06 2009, @09:42AM  1
   attached to Years Of Refusal US sales to date
Then came Elvis  *Monday May 12 2008, @11:10AM 2 1
   attached to Morrissey and others in impromptu Sunset Marquis lobby concert, according to NY Post report
Heard on SNL  *Monday April 21 2008, @10:38AM 2 1
   attached to Vampire Weekend Influenced by the Smiths
Bracha Tov Chayim  *Thursday January 10 2008, @07:09PM  1
   attached to Poll: How do you feel about Morrissey touring the Middle East? (anonymously suggested)
Truly Perfect  *Monday November 12 2007, @06:24PM  1
   attached to Radiohead cover "The Headmaster Ritual" on Radiohead.tv webcast (Nov. 9)
Re:Oh, that Paul...  *Friday October 19 2007, @09:00AM  1
   attached to Waukegan, IL - Genesee Theatre (October 17, 2007) post-show
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