Don't walk away in silence

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Before I go look at beautiful things...

For the record (but I haven't got a record deeeeeeeeeeeeal!), I am also taller sitting down than standing up. But I still could make mince pies out of gay porn stars, dimwitted musos, techies and the odd creepy author. That's, if I could bear standing in the same room for long enough.

Oh the classy, friendly, family atmosphere. Wouldn't you just kill to be part of that? Imagine how nice it would be to stand around and hear them joke about how much they'd have to be paid to give you one. Let me guess...Probably a few minions...Sorry, millions. And the other one would of course find this très amusing.

Such a shame that it's never gonna happen. To quote Sacha, oh the good life!

I think it's kinder at this point to walk away. The facts really speak for themselves. Too bad Morrissey can't bear us to know and needs someone to blame for the kind of life he's made for himself.

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