Morrissey Tour Status

2016 Morrissey tour dates are being announced. Norway (story), Israel and Turkey (story) in August.

DateCity - VenueInfo
Aug 6Bergen - Grieghallen Tickets
Aug 8Stavanger - Konserthus Tickets
Aug 11Gothenburg - Way Out West Festival Tickets
Aug 13Helsinki - Flow Festival Tickets
Aug 16Berlin - Tempodrom Sold out, eBay
Aug 19Istanbul - KüçükÇiftlik ParkCancelled (5)
Aug 20Manchester - Manchester Arena Tickets, StubHub
Aug 23Tel-Aviv - Charles Bronfman Auditorium Tickets
Aug 24Caesarea - The Ancient Roman Amphitheater Tickets
Sep 17Chicago, IL - Riot Fest Tickets, SeatGeek, TicketsNow

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image/photo by Jake In Retirement
Chicago, IL (1991) - image/photo by Jake In Retirement

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