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    Default carlisle 1984

    all the best to everyone for the newyear...... i was wondering if any kind soul has the following concert to share ...the smiths...13/10/2006...carlisle hall...this would make someones newyear....cherrs

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    Default Re: carlisle 1984

    hay happy, i thought i had this and found i didnt.i took it off my site. sometimes i download in my living room late at night while my daughter sleeps here on the couch. i dont turn on the lights so i wont disturb her, i guess i marked this by mistake. i use the computer for a light so its quite dim. sorry to get you excited.(on the turn side, while i was looking for this one i found i had 3 other shows i didnt mark down, so thats cool)

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    i shot and uploaded this show

    g3t 4ee moZZ + sM1Th5 LiVE REcOrDIngs hEre >

    i shot red lighning too

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