First a question....does anyone have a link for mp3s from Morrissey at the Move festival.There was a site somewhere but I lost the link
My friend's wife Sarah wants me to stick this item on Ebay, which I will do next week when I get a moment. She went to recording of Top Of The Pops in 1987 and got her 1986 Smash Hits yearbook signed by The Smiths!! She showed it to me out of the blue and I nearly fell out of my seat, she's not even a fan and has had it in a box for 18 years. She said (which made me laugh)"I think his writing was a bit funny cos he had to lean it on his knee when he wrote it"...I have since put her right.
Thought I'd share it with you. She won't give it to me as I made the mistake of saying she might get a couple of quid for it, but if it sells it will buy her baby a new romper suit.