> david, why do you keep posting as numerous different names?
> because it's your site obviously, the rest of us don't have
> that privellige, another reason why stephen patrick morrissey
> issued YOU with a writ to cease and desist defaming his good
> name, don't think he did that to me! ahem, i win again (the bee gees)

What kind of fan cannot spell Morrissey's first name?
Perhaps you have never heard the song "Ouija Board, Ouija Board"

"It spells S T E V E N"

Additionally, no writ was issued by Morrissey himself. Only a law
firm. So far no judge has ordered an injunction to temporoarily remove
any content and no court date has been set to determine if any action
will be taken. Until such event should occur, the words in that email are completely flaccid.

By the way, we all have the ability to post under different names.
Perhaps the technology is beyond your means to figure out how. That
is way too off topic to cover here.

To put it in words on your level:

"Thank you, drive through"