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Thread: Moz hates Julia Childs, Jamie Oliver next?

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    Unlucky lisp

    Default Moz hates Julia Childs, Jamie Oliver next?

    To be honest, we all hate people that mess about with food on telly. The things they cook and boil were never made for the ordinary person on the street, it's just another part of this new wave where people make a name of themselves and coccooning is already over anyway.
    I for one can see that the 80's is upon us again, complete with the new puritanism that haunts every artist that dare use porn or violence in what they create.
    Jamie "the spit" Oliver was made for a Moz hatesong, I guess i'll just have to wait and see. While waiting I will suggest what the chorus for that song would be:

    "Jamie. he's got D.A.M.P. and his food gives me the cramp
    how can someone so useless
    be such a star overnight
    they bought him friends
    they will smile for a buck
    and if he ever crosses the street
    I'll run him over with a truck"

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    Master Caleb

    Default Re: Moz hates Julia Childs, The Iron Chefs should be next.

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    Default Re: I'd dance to that tune.

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    3/4 Of A Person

    Default Quote....

    "The British cook is a foolish woman, who should be turned, for her iniquities, into a pillar of salt which she never knows how to use...."

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