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Will love seeing Man United fans singing about Italy instead of Argentina as they will probably be wearing Italy shirts. The way Woy Hodgsom handled the racist scandal involving Anton Ferdinand and John Terry and ended up punishing Rio Ferdinand for it was good for United who now had several players rested instead.

Yet another mission accomplished by Man United in making England the laughing stock of the world. Now we might see another season like the 1998/1999 season when in 1998 Beckham became the object for all the haters which only made Man United achieve what will never be repeated ever again.

Tough luck JJ seeing England fail just a month after Chelsea overshadowed your fave clubs achievement.

Urban the swede (at least you beat Sweden and Zlatan which made my day)
You really believe Wio was worthy of a place?? Even Slur Alex said he couldn't cope with 4 games in 2 weeks. He's a crock. Nothing to do with the Anton case.

And I can honestly say Chelsea didn't over shadow anything City achieved. If I thought that was the case for 1 second, then I wouldn't have wanted them to beat Bayern Munich.
City winning the Premiership and Chelsea winning the Champions League are simply not related in any way - other than it rankled like fuck the minds of Rags up and down the country (and no doubt the Rag heartlands of Denmark, Sweden, Norway & Finland)
Chelsea winning the Champions League only added further to Fergie's pain in seeing the Noisey Neighbours lift the Championship, Chelsea the CL AND the FA Cup - and to rub salt into the wound...... even the woeful Liverpool won the League Cup.

As for England, never really bothered with them, to me they are a London team for Cockney's to watch in their London stadium. I took a passing interest to ensure City's players were not injured. And took delight in seeing a Rag miss one of the penalties. Maybe there will be effigies swinging from lamp posts in the morning

Still, you still have the Community Shield to your name for just over one month, so please rub it nice and cleanly because either City or Chelsea will be taking it off your hands very soon.