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Thread: hatful of hollow cassette michael 1142

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    Default hatful of hollow cassette michael 1142

    hi i bought the hatful of hollow cassette about 2 years ago now put it in the draw and pretty much forgot about it really and was just wondering could anyone shine some light on it as i cant seem to find anything about it on the internet.

    the cover is zoomed in to the face with the smiths written onto it at the bottom and underneath hatful of hollow while on the side it has the smiths hatful of hollow 1142 michael. the cassette itself is black with only a sticker on the top with the michael logo then michael direct to disc master sound and a little logo 7rock and on the other side is the same again with the smiths hand written and stamped 1142.

    all help is welcome thanks.

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    Default Re: hatful of hollow cassette michael 1142

    I don't have that exact cassette, but I do have a copy of Rank that was released on the same Michael/7Rock label, and the cassette itself sounds almost identical. I believe that they originated from Saudi Arabia? In any case, they're definitely unlicensed, though still interesting to have in your collection, as far as I'm concerned.

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    Default Re: hatful of hollow cassette michael 1142

    thanks for that was just interested really cheers

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