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Thread: Japanese book of Morrissey lyrics

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    Default Japanese book of Morrissey lyrics

    I have recently moved house and now have far less room so sadly have decided to sell the majority of my book collection so as they can be appreciated by someone who can display them. I have a lot of Smiths / Morrissey books and some rareties are included. Most are the usual you will all know including a much loved paperback of Peepholism. (I am only selling this as I have the more beloved hardback version which I couldnt part with!).

    My question is a genuine one as to whether its best to advertise them here or put them on Ebay.? I still have some books in storage at my brothers office so only have 18 with me, so once I get the others, I will start compiling a list and taking photos.

    To see what interest there may be, I just thought I would start off with the following book which I have never seen for sale before. It is a Japanese lyrics translation book which still has its dust cover which has taken a bit of a battering but the remainer of the book is in great condition. There are 325 pages and the back of the book has a discography.

    Has anyone got any suggestions. Thanks in anticipation.


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    Default Re: Japanese book of Morrissey lyrics

    Awww, Goro Nakagawa who is a cult folk singer and translator, his translation is excellent.
    He also contributed liner notes of Hatful of Hollow Tokuma Japan release.
    He actually saw The Smiths Glastonbury in 1984.

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    Default Re: Japanese book of Morrissey lyrics

    Hi Black Eyed,

    Please set me a list of books you have for sale? Cheers!

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