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Thread: 2012 New Backdrop

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    Default 2012 New Backdrop

    Good to see spencer is still "performing"
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    Default Re: New Backdrop

    Now you mention it, there is a certain resemblance

    Jools Holland: "Knock Knock!"
    Morrissey: "I'm not in!"
    Jools: "Oh, come on."
    Morrissey: "I refuse to open the door."

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    Default new backdrop

    I guess he's dumped the 'affectionate musicians' for a new one with a woman drawing one. can someone please find it for me??

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    Default Backdrop in Chile?

    Just watched some of the Chile show and wondered what the backdrop is? Looks great. Probably already been discussed.....but I need to know! Thanks in advance.

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    Default New Backdrop

    This backdrop appeared (as far as I know) for the first time during this leg of the tour.
    This screen shot is from during "Everyday is Like Sunday."

    Does anyone know what film it is from? (I think it's a film clip...)

    Thanks in advance for sating my curiosity.

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    Default Re: New Backdrop

    Looks like a scene from Italian film to me.

    Hope someone is able to identify the source.

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    Default Backdrop

    Is anyone aware of an existing comprehensive list of the backdrop images used throughout Morrissey's tours (specifically the 90's)? I used to fall back on the Passions site but... it went away...
    thank you!
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