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    Default Thirty One Songs

    A host of Manchester artists (Elbow, Noel Gallagher, Vini Reilly) feature on an album to raise money (and awareness) of CALM (the Campaign Against Living Miserably) - great cause


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    I am sick and tired of musicians making songs or being behind projects like this when we all know that the only ones fixing this problem is the mighty politicians and they will never try and do that. In Sweden psychophantic musicians have released a song about the mass murderer on the island of Utöya in Norway. These people should have been gunned down like fooking freaks at that island and not those innocent kids.

    Is it really ok today to milk anything and walk about thinking "oh yeah now I really made a difference" when we all know it means fook all and solves absolutely nothing. I question if it even helps in any way or form as this is like a band aid on something that needs stitches.

    If people need this to be able to sleep then they must be pretty sick people and these people really went down in my estimation. Sorry but I am fed up with fooking marxists waving their little red communist flag and not realising growth and wealth is needed to cure these problems and where the fook is the UN?

    I wish they would do something real and clean up in the countries that offer help abroad and they should also elect a leader that doesn't have a stupid name and the face of a fooking rabbitt caught in the headlights.

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