Yes people, this place needs a thread that follows Man City and their last steps to that elusive glory at last. Finally all the talk and predictions will end and we can turn a leaf and move on as City lifts the trophy and confirms the north wests stranglehold on the Premier League.

I cannot think of a club or fans that deserve this title more than Manchester City and their fans do. Having met so many many over the years I know they have always been a very positive bunch of people who have taken setbacks like good people do and moved on. I have been sent match programmes from City fans I just happened to give my address to and shared many pints with local office workers after their working day was over talking about football.

Sadly abroad media choose to focus on the bad side of the rivalry simply because they do not get the type of banter and tongue-in-cheek humour that the area is famous for. Media in Sweden reports on this rivalry in a very serious way as if they were describing the war in the middle east. It is a fact that the vast part of the worlds football fans want to see City win this season. It is natural that after the dominance Man United have had for so many years it is exciting to see the nearest rival finally win the league.

Among United fans it is evident that there is a love for City manager Mancini or Bobby Manc as we prefer to call him. The man has nothing bad about him at all and doesn't need the bag of tricks that Mourinho needed to make Chelsea champions. Still, it is very likely that those two men will square up against each other as I personally is absolutely sure that Jose Mourinho will be the man taking over when Sir Alex packs it in.

So here it is the thread that celebrates Manchester City as they slowly but surely get nearer to their first ever Premier League championship. The scenes when it happens will be amazing and the world will watch and wonder if this is the start of a new era and if they can defend the title and add yet more silverware.

We shall see....