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Thread: Article on Your Arsenal in 'death and taxes'

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    Default Article on Your Arsenal in 'death and taxes'

    Doug Bleggi's posted a worthy piece with videos on Your Arsenal:

    Somewhere between his debut as the celibate and charismatic frontman for The Smiths and his recent trappings with the NME and label problems, Morrissey was riding high on the crest of a pretty stellar solo career. With the dissolution of The Smiths in 1987, Moz quickly sprang to work on his first solo album, recruiting Stephen Street as his new Johnny Marr, who collaboratively penned and produced “Viva Hate,” along with a handful of non-album singles. Their relationship unfortunately soured, which led to the spotty misfire, “Kill Uncle” in 1991, just about no one’s favorite Morrissey album. Enter Mick Ronson.

    While most recall Morrissey’s solo career as “Everyday is Like Sunday” and his mid ’00s resurgence with “You Are the Quarry,” the singer actually had retained a great deal of success in the early ’90s before temporarily fading out towards the end of the decade. While it’s not the first album thought of in his career retrospect, the crowning achievement in Moz’s solo career is the 1992 sock-in-the-jaw, “Your Arsenal.”

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    Default Re: Article on Your Arsenal in 'death and taxes'

    I don't agree he ever faded out but pretty spot on other than that.
    Thanks for sharing. People do tend to overlook how funny Moz can be.

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    Default Re: Article on Your Arsenal in 'death and taxes'

    Good article, with plenty of attention to detail in terms of the music Whyte, Boz and the classic solo lineup created. Would be great to see them all on stage together one more time.

    Any word at all whether Alain is still sending songs to Morrissey?

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