Craig gave a update on the whole Bowie/Morrissey situation.

He said Moz had been sighted at a local watering hole on the sunset strip, and was in the LA times today, under "sightings". Im sure most of us know, which watering hole he was spotted at. C and F.
He also said, that he will get Moz on the show sometime in August, and for the rest of the summer have Tuesdays with Morrissey. =)
He just said the things we already know... He doesnt have a label, manager... and they are still having troubles contacting him.
If Craig is up to date with Moz, I wonder why he isnt mentioning his tour, its public knowledge, after all he said what Bowie was up to lately.

Craig also said that they have contacted Bowie, and he is willing to do the show, when he is in town.