So I'm battling this bronchitis business. (I went to the doctor if anyone read that other thread, now it's just wait.) So a few minutes after dozing off to sleep I wake up having a total coughing fit. I don't generate a lot of mucus, it's like the infection is too deep to cough it up, but when I get coughing, I absolutely can't stop. I've tried meditating and different posture, nothing helps. So a tiny piece of mucus gets caught on whatever thing causes my gag reflex and I get up and cough my way into the bathroom where I proceed to vomit profusely. I'm not nauseaus at all, I just get can't stop the coughing and vomiting. Then I begin to choke and I'm thinking "This is where I die. In my underwear on the bathroom floor of somebody else's house while their pets watch anxiously choking on my own vomit. And I'm not even drunk. Fantastic." So it all eases up and I manage to stop choking and puking and the weird thing is, it's like the acid from the puke burned off whatever was causing the coughing fit. But now my problem is, did I vomit up the Robitussin I took before bed. Just to be safe I took another dose, but shit!

I'm so tired. I need sanctuary. And a lung transplant.