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    Give a Child in Need One of The Greatest Gifts – SAFE WATER FOR LIFE!

    Compassion’s Water of Life, a safe water system goes to the heart of one of the greatest and most urgent needs in developing countries today – providing safe drinking water to children and their families.
    Every day over 4,000 children are dying of water-related diseases such as cholera and typhoid that are easily preventable. Many more are suffering sickness, diarrhea and acute stomach pains – illnesses that stop children going to school and growing up into healthy adults.
    When you give to Compassion's Water of Life program, you are not only giving safe drinking water, you are protecting a child from life-threatening diseases and allowing that child to go to school, to dream and reach their full potential.

    Your donation of $55 provides:

    • Compassion's Water of Life system – safe water for life (over 1 million gallons) for a child and their family in developing countries.
    • Education on improving hygiene and sanitation
    • Support for improving community water sources where needed.

    Each tax-deductible gift of $55 will provide a complete Water of Life system to a child and his or her family.

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