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Thread: Article: Johnny Marr on the "Shoplifters" carrier bag and Record Store Day

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    Default Article: Johnny Marr on the "Shoplifters" carrier bag and Record Store Day

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    "If I knew where good songs came from I'd go there more often." Leonard Cohen
    I’ve always held the song in high regard because songs have got me through so many sinks of dishes..." Leonard Cohen

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    Johnny's name in the musicmedia got a boost past year,
    being in different news/media shows/parties and intervieuws
    has done him good, I hope musicly he will do more than being
    a member of the The Cribs/Modest Mouse ?

    Marr definately still got the potential to produce/write/make
    a good or class song.

    x my fingers if the 2 would do anything, even joinng 1 song
    on a gig, shoplifers would be awesome

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    love it. thanks johnny.

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