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Thread: Welcome to Morrissey-Solo

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    Default Welcome to Morrissey-Solo

    People discussed about how they got to know / became a fan of Smiths and Morrissey:

    stereotyped Morrissey fans
    The moment you fell under his spell?
    How did you become a Morrissey / Smiths fan?
    Is your other-half a smiths / Morrissey fan?
    How and when have you discovered Smiths / Moz music?
    what do you really love about the man?
    What your friends and family make of your adoration of Morrissey?
    How devoted are you to Morrissey?
    Where are you all from?

    Popular threads:

    The Moz/Smiths Top 100 songs
    Over the past 9 months we have been rating and assessing every 234 Morrissey and Smiths-song released over the past 25 years, from Hand In Glove (april 1983) to That's How People Grow Up (February 2008).

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