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Thread: Harry Potter actress Afshan Azad in hiding from Muslim relatives for dating Hindu man

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    Default Harry Potter actress Afshan Azad in hiding from Muslim relatives for dating Hindu man

    Relatives of Harry Potter actress charged in attack

    London, England (CNN) -- The father and brother of a Harry Potter actress will appear in court later this month in Manchester, England, on charges of threatening to kill the young star, prosecutors said Friday.

    Abdul Azad, 54, and his son Ashraf, 28, are accused of attacking actress Afshan Azad earlier this month because of her relationship with a Hindu man, a spokesman for the Crown Prosecution Service said. The family is Muslim.

    Afshan Azad, reported to be 22, has appeared in four Harry Potter films as Padma Patil, a classmate of the boy wizard and twin sister of Parvati Patil.

    The alleged attack happened May 21. The father and brother are charged with threatening to kill the actress, and her brother is also charged with assault, the prosecutors' spokesman said.

    Afshan Azad had never acted before she was cast in the movies, and admitted she only went to the auditions with her friends "for a bit of fun," the Manchester Evening News reported.


    Miss Azad is now in hiding. [Phyllis] Chesler offers a suggestion:

    Perhaps she and her actor friends could lead a campaign against honor killings.
    That strikes me as rather a quaint idea. Hollywood celebrities are only interested in campaigns against "global warming," George Bush, etc., and it has been a long time since they were willing to take on anyone who is actually dangerous. (Maybe you have to go back to when Ronald Reagan slept with a gun under his pillow after receiving death threats from Communists from whose grasp he was freeing the screen actors' union.)

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    Default Re: Harry Potter actress Afshan Azad in hiding from Muslim relatives for dating Hindu

    I know the point is supposed to be "Muslims are violent extremists" and we're supposed to get involved with the Harry Potter connection, but I can't get over the preposterous claim that Ronald Reagan was protecting the Screen Actors Guild from "the communists.'

    "None of those blacklisted were proven to advocate overthrowing the government most simply had Marxist or socialist views."

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