Morrissey has revealed that he has contemplated suicide before, and that he considers the act "honourable"

Another part of the show involved the singer choosing a 'luxury item' to take onto a desert island. Morrissey initially made two choices, saying: "I would either take a bed, because I like to go to bed. Or, I would take a bag of sleeping pills, because I might want to make a quick exit."

Young then told him he had to choose between the two, to which he replied:

"I would really take the bed I think, because going to bed is the highlight of everybody's day. I like to be hidden, and I like to sink, and I think we all love to go to bed and we love to go to sleep. It's the brother of death, it means we can just switch out brains off when we go to bed and forget about ourselves hopefully."

Like every Desert Island Discs guest, Morrissey choose a number of his favourite songs, and nominated his favourite work of literature ('The Complete Oscar Wilde').

Morrissey choose the following songs:

New York Dolls — '(There’s Gonna Be A) Showdown'
Marianne Faithfull — 'Come And Stay With Me'
Ramones — 'Loudmouth'
The Velvet Underground — 'The Black Angel’s Death Song'
Klaus Nomi — 'Der Nussbaum – The Walnut Tree'
Nico — 'I’m Not Saying'
Iggy & The Stooges — 'Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell'
Mott The Hoople — 'Sea Diver'

Of the songs above, he nominated '(There’s Gonna Be A) Showdown' as his favourite.