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Thread: Cribs Stream New album 'Ignore The Ignorant' Online

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    Default Cribs Stream New album 'Ignore The Ignorant' Online

    The Cribs have made their forthcoming new album, 'Ignore The Ignorant', available to listen to in full online before its official release.
    Listen to the album in full, available on NME.COM via music streaming site We7. Users outside the UK can hear 30-second clips of each song.
    'Ignore The Ignorant' is released officially next Monday (September 7).

    Did anyone go to the HMV stores?

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    Default The Cribs - Ignore The Ignorant (2009) download

    01 - We Were Aborted
    02 - Cheat On Me
    03 - We Share The Sames Skies
    04 - City Of Bugs
    05 - Hari Kari
    06 - Last Year's Snow
    07 - Emasculate Me
    08 - Ignore The Ignorant
    09 - Save Your Secrets
    10 - Nothing
    11 - Victim Of Mass Production
    12 - Stick To Yr Guns

    The Cribs - Ignore The Ignorant (2009)
    Genre: Indie Rock | MP3 | VBR | CBR 44,1kHz | 88 Mb

    originally found at

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    Default Hmmmm

    Album will be on sale 7th September in UK.

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    Default Re: The Cribs - Ignore The Ignorant (2009) download

    I ordered a special "The Roses Edition" box set (Portland,Oregon) which contains:

    *The full CD album of "Ignore the Ignorant"
    *A "Making of..." DVD Documentary
    *A full live album recorded at The Ritz, Manchester February 5th and 6th, 2009

    Meanwhile, I'll listen to this. Thx.

    "Sonically and structurally, it’s skiffling, swelling pop, with sing-along choruses, punk rage and post-punk explosiveness. It opens with three tracks exponentially better than anything in the band’s catalog (leading with stunning first single “We Were Aborted,” which is followed by the even-better second single “Cheat on Me,” and what will surely be the third or fourth single, “We Share the Same Skies”) before shifting gears into the grim and unsettling “City of Bugs,” which shows a new, darker side to Marr’s work. Marr’s contributions are immense throughout, actually, and to hear him play such a prominent role is thrilling. (It should be noted that numerous leads recall his groundbreaking work with The Smiths, and it’s not crazy to suggest that these are his very best performances since those days.) Most importantly, he doesn’t sound like an adornment—his guitar work is essential to these songs, it gives them both structure and highlights. Vocalist Ryan Jarman’s voice, always one of the band’s greater assets, has matured—he sounds powerful and immediate, but haunted and hoarse, almost Cobainian when his growl grows to a roar. The songwriting is sharper and more dexterous. The instrumental work alongside Marr is darting, ferocious, textured and confident. The themes are more serious, but the energy is fiery, relentless."

    Who wouldn't like to hear some Johnny Marr punk rage and post-punk explosivenes?!

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