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Thread: Smiths Songs as Films

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    Default Smiths Songs as Films

    Rather silly and pointless feature, but seeing as pretty much anything passes for news here....
    Everyday is like Spleenday

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    Default Re: Smiths Songs as Films

    It's interesting but it is a blit awful...
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    Default Re: Smiths Songs as Films

    The Movie:

    When loser salesman Dean James buys a self-improvement CD from a mysterious antiques shop, his life is changed forever.

    Listening to the CD as he goes to sleep, James wakes up to find that people will literally do whatever he says

    is it a documentary film żżż

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    Default Re: Smiths Songs as Films

    Well it made me laugh...
    But then again the concept of SteMo did as well.
    "The moment art surrenders its imaginative medium it surrenders everything"
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