• itsverycold

    by Published on August 28, 2013 03:24 PM

    I went to see the film last night. I was one of about ten people there. It's hard to read any kind of atmosphere in a mostly empty room, but judging by the people who decided to sit directly behind me and comment all throughout the film, the people who had come to watch were hardly diehard fans.

    The most repeated comments i heard were that they "didn't know that one" and "i hope he plays _________". There was laughter at the fan's comments (understandably, i think) and when he removed the shirt(s).

    I know the film played a few places last night and will be playing elsewhere in a week or so and i was just curious how many people were at the screening you attended and what the general atmosphere was. I'm also interested in your reasons behind deciding not to go see it. Unless you're answer is that morrissey's ...