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M.E.N Arena tickets on sale early; standing tickets sold out?
posted by davidt on Friday February 27 2004, @10:00AM

Paul Smith writes:

I have just succeeded in getting tickets for the Morrissey show at M.E.N Arena ahead of the advertised 09:30 time Saturday 28th.

A quick re-try of the site tells me that tickets are shifting at about 10 seats a minute at the monent.

It only seems that is early with the release as tickemaster and others are still not listing the show.

Good luck.

Brighton Rich writes:

I found out on popbitch that all the standing tickets to The Morrissey MEN gig were sold out the day before they went on sale ( its 3.30 on Friday 27th )

I checked - and it appears to be true - so I had to make do with crappy seated numbers.

WTF is all that about??

How can they be sold out THE DAY BEFORE they go on sale - and how come I was able to buy tickets in the seated area.

Is this to discourage people calling in the morning - or is it the ticket operator ( seem to be the sole supplier ) spreading their bets??

either way, bastards.

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Morrissey Manchester MEN arena aftershow party
posted by davidt on Friday February 27 2004, @10:00AM

Sweet and Tender Hooligan writes:

There will be a Morrissey aftershow party following the big night at the MEN arena. Tickets cost only 5 (inc. booking fees and handling charges) and are available now from Ticketline will also be selling tickets for the MEN gig from 9.30am on Saturday.
The exact link is as follows:

See you all there!

Update: 02/29 21:37 GMT: sirgordonzola writes:

Just wanted to give more details on the Morrissey aftershow party.
It takes place at The Brickhouse nightclub on Whitworth St West in central Manchester. For anyone who wants more Smiths/Morrissey music into the early hours after the great man's concert, its a must. On the night, entrance will put you into a free raffle for a signed Morrissey photo. I MUST PUT THAT MORRISSEY HASN'T CONFIRMED TOO BE HERE (ALTHOUGH HE HAS BEEN INVITED). Tickets are a fiver from ticketline. As for anyone who hasn't had the chance to get tickets for the gig, the weekend prior to the concert, we will be giving away a pair of tickets to see the man.
For more info contact ticketline or Dave at the Brickhouse on 01612364418

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'Viva Hate' classic Manchester album of the week - Terry Christian show (Mar. 3)
posted by davidt on Friday February 27 2004, @10:00AM

BBC GMR writes:

Morrissey's 'Viva Hate' is Classic Manchester album of the week on Terry Christian's music show - Wednesday 3rd March - as Conrad Murray stands in for the little Manc.

They'll be playing 3 or 4 tracks from the album between 7 and 10 on 95.1 FM or listen on-line at or on digital radio.
Alison Goldfrapp will be interviewed live in the studio.

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True To You #15 (Winter 2004) out now, A Chance To Shine #15 out July 2004
posted by davidt on Friday February 27 2004, @10:00AM

sleeper writes:

Julia Riley's TRUE TO YOU is probably the longest running American Morrissey/The Smiths fanzine that I know of. This longest-running title was previously held by THE MORRI'ZINE, edited by Nicole Garrison (and sometime Rob Nebeker), who ran it for about six years from 1988 to 1994.

It has been about ten years since the first issue of TRUE TO YOU #1 (Autumn 1994) was made available. I remember picking up this very issue at Tower Records, which, at the time, carried all sorts of fanzines in the magazine section.

TRUE TO YOU #15's cover photograph was taken by Tim Brangham (Los Angeles, Dec 99) and more details can be found on my website and on the official website

"A CHANCE TO SHINE is UK's longest running Morrissey fanzine (started in 1991 and still publishing). A CHANCE TO SHINE #15 will be available in July 2004, more details on

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Additional UK tour dates / Southwest US dates soon?
posted by davidt on Thursday February 26 2004, @10:00AM

I am human writes:

This sounds likely, over at Morrissey Tour:

Tuesday, February 24, 2004
More shows to be added - rumor
Okay, this is pretty much a rumor since I at this point I can't verify it 100% to be true. I've been unofficially tipped off to the following:

Supposedly, the Manchester gig is not a one-off. It is not even the start of the tour.
Supposedly, there are more dates to be added BEFORE the Manchester gig.
Supposedly, a second M.E.N. show will be added (May 23) if the first one sells out.
Supposedly, some of the the additional shows will be announced next week.
Graham also writes:

I just got off the phone with two of my booking friends in Texas and they have been asked for dates in Dallas and Austin in "clubs" by CAA for Morrissey shows in early Spring... I also talked to a booker in Chicago who hasn't been offered anything to date, so this looks like it would primarily be a southwest tour.

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Lyrics to two new Moz songs?
posted by davidt on Thursday February 26 2004, @10:00AM

Torr writes:

Not sure if these are real or not, but I guess we'll find out in a few months. The French part says "Please support this singer by buying his disc when it is on sale!"

You are the Quarry
lyrics written by Morrissey

Veuillez soutenir ce chanteur en achetant son disque quand il est en vente!

Let Me Kiss You
My Life is a Series of People Saying Goodbye

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Full page ad for Manchester gig in NME
posted by davidt on Thursday February 26 2004, @10:00AM

English Martyr writes:

This week's NME features a full page advert for the May 22nd gig at Manchester Arena (see scan). Also in the "NEWS ZIPS" section is a small report, as follows; STOP PRESS! Morrissey is to make a sensational return to Manchester with his first hometown gig in 12 years, a one-off at the Manchester MEN Arena (May 22). Tickets go on sale at 9.30am on Saturday Feb 29. Support will come from Franz Ferdinand. Morrissey's first album for seven years, "You are the Quarry", comes out on May 17. The first single, "Irish Blood, English Heart", is out on May 10. Moz has a new website,

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