Lists of your favourite bands!!

  1. DAVIE
    List any bands you like...Don't be shy!
  2. KenzieW
    1. Morrissey/ the smiths (obviously)
    2. Bauhaus/love and rockets/tones on tail
    3. Franz Ferdinand

    The rest is not in any particular order. I find that all the bands that come after my top three I get sick of for a few months and then come back to them later, so they always change in rank:
    Soft cell, the doors, depeche mode, the cure, the arctic monkeys...
  3. billy scissors
    billy scissors
    Soft Cell,The Associates
  4. KenzieW
    What is yours Davie?
  5. DAVIE
    Haha, here's a few of the bands that effected me and have made me the lyricist I am now.

    Cocteau Twins!!!!!!
    The Durutti Column
    The Passions
    Dolly Mixtures
    Shop Assistants

    christ, i got loads! midly influenced by punk bands such as The Damned an Siouxie And The Banshees
    Influenced by early Bowie.
    Mainly bands and people you don't know apart from Smiths and Bowie, of cause!
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