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Dear Trollsey, hope you didn't pay too much attention to the lovely lady that was with me on that pic I added by mistake yesterday. Didn't mean to post her at all, and distract you from trolling the right person here. Please feel free to make a poster for your room. Sorry about the pixie-lisation, but that's about my real size anyway, except that I've put on an awful lot of weight and can't wear that bathing suit anymore. Nowadays I just go fatty-dipping. Wooof!

I captured that young lady as she'd just slipped on a rock in the river, fell on more rocks, and badly hurt her back. Of course as I was on JakeW. mode, I hadn't yet noticed.

Speaking of which, I don't really believe the hurt back was a made-up story to cover for poor ticket-selling. Nah. Obviously it's not that I don't believe Fatpig capable of such a corny lie. (I've never known him to lie in an intelligent manner, just in a facepalm manner ). It's just I think the young handsome bassist wouldn't let himself be used as a pretext that way. I think the W family have shown a bit more balls than that.

Of course though, on top of breaking people's backs, Fatpig may have also broken his balls. Wouldn't be the first person... Oh well.

The rumour I readily believe on the other hand (job) is the one of sexual favours in exchange of a decent place in the crowd. That's purely because the thought of girlies lining up to give men in charge a blowjob makes me believe in a better world. My only concern is, I wonder if they have a special line for girls in wheelchairs. I strongly believe in equality of treatment in prostitution, and that includes handicapped peeps.

Okay, I've no more to say to avoid repacking my suitcase. God I hate packing. But can a dog travel light? I do need a change of collars...
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