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the nme within?

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I think a lot of money could be saved if we had the honesty to admit that in some cases, the only person we want to sue is ourselves.

For tripping ourselves up, letting ourselves down, etc.

You wouldn’t need an overpaid lawyer to sue your own arse. Just lock yourself in a room and let yourself have a go at you. Hear your own arguments in your defense, see if they impress, or if you still feel vaguely nauseated.

Sometimes, a settlement can be agreed upon.

For instance, I recently sued Myself over paying attention to things I said I wouldn’t pay attention to anymore. “That’s parjury!” I said to Myself. “No it’s not”, I heard Myself reply: "Don't threaten us with mispelt legal terms you don't know the meaning of. FYI, It’s obvious that some things still need to be said. Plus, it’s unhealthy to keep it all in. Do we really want to get sick?”

I pouted and said it was reasonable. I said to Myself “Well, I’m still watching you. And I’ll take you to the cleaners if you step out of line and get us into trouble again. I mean it.” Myself sighed and nodded.
I think Myself knows who’s the boss of us.

What about yous?
If the boss of yous is doing a poor job, and you know this, because you’re not feeling that well, you can fire, and hire somebody new.

If you don’t feel there’s any problem, embrace and brace Yourself, because the rest of the world might not share your view. And sometimes the rest of the world is the third voice that ruins a “perfect duet.”

Surely all this profound stuff and more could have been said by the Dalai Lama, who happens to be in the vicinity. You can hear him for the price of a minute of legal advice.

That wouldn’t be wasted money. Or less of a waste anyway.

Go listen to non violent pearls of wisdom!

"Aaah. I love a good Buddhist fight."

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