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People... Why do they have to change?

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Hey lads...

Hrmm... An absolutely pathetic title, I know.. But I don't have any inspiration at the very moment...

I'm listening to Moz' 3 new songs, and more than ever I'm feeling this weird feeling when I think about the Pope Of Mope... I mean, I think I still see him as the shy frontman of the Smiths, but he isn't anymore..

I've felt quite related to his lifestyle since I first read about him, but I'm slowly beginning to see that he's not like that anymore. Ofcourse, he's still Moz, but not the Moz of the 80's. Or, at least it seems like that to me.. And, well, I really begin to wonder why people change, even though it's quite obvious...

I know that what I'm writing about is terribly pathetic, but I feel like talking about nothing. But... I'm just feeling like such a lone wolf, and I like being like that, but at the same time I hate it. You know, knowing and seeing everyone around you being happy and having persons to care about.. And what makes it even worse is that my own mother pities me.. She said that she had lots of friends and feels bad for me because I don't have any, but still they talk in front of me about these stupid psychs that school, the police AND my parents force me to go to...

I know there are people who have WAY more fucked up lives, but I feel like mine is almost the same..

Well, I don't know why I'm writing this, because I have way more interesting subjects to write about. Or at least more interesting things as this.. Like "insane people" or "graveyards". But why would I? No one is interesting in things like this anyways...

Keep living and don't stop dreaming, it's your only way out of the boring real world <3

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  1. timeisaclockoftheheart's Avatar
    Well, just write about graveyards then.... people are interested in your perspective.

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  2. StrangeLilGirl!'s Avatar
    They aren't...

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  3. timeisaclockoftheheart's Avatar

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  4. StrangeLilGirl!'s Avatar

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  5. KenzieW's Avatar
    ARE TOO!

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  6. timeisaclockoftheheart's Avatar

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  7. StrangeLilGirl!'s Avatar
    See what? I still think I suck..

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  8. StrangeLilGirl!'s Avatar
    Fine... Posted the graveyard thing...

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