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  1. Hehe, good night!
  2. I have to go now! They openned the gates of the prison
    i hope see you son!
  3. Busy clippers?

    It is for Religious Studies. I am really bad at it. I got 47% last year for my final exam of the year.
  4. Yes, just too busy i think...
    What are studing ?
  5. Oh dear! Busy busy busy for you, then?

    Hehe, that doesn't surprise me.
  6. No, sometimes i work on saturdays too

    all that i can say about your test is that teachers are the same all around the world
  7. Awww, that's a shame. Do you often have to work on Sundays?

    Uhh, she didn't come to see me today, so I couldn't do it again. She told me and some other people to meet her today so that we could take it again, but she didn't come.
  8. I'm almost a slave i have to work next sunday but, as you know "everyday is like sunday..."

    and about your test... When will the teacher see it?
  9. Aw, that's a shame. It's nearly the weekend though. Or do you have to work then as well?

    Ah, I did badly in a test, so the teacher made me retake it today in my lunch time. But then she didn't come so I could retake it! I didn't even want to do it again - the teacher made me.
  10. I'm fine! Just with some boring work to do..
    What about your test?
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