• Yoga To The Smiths & Morrissey

    Haven't seen this mentioned - released on Sep. 6, 2011 according to Amazon:

    Yoga To The Smiths & Morrissey by Yoga Pop Ups

    Also on Spotify / US:

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    1. Uncleskinny's Avatar
      Uncleskinny -
      And.....chill out.

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    1. DAVIE's Avatar
      DAVIE -
      It's weird. I perfered the Nursery remakes to these yoga songs though, they were great

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    1. BrummieBoy's Avatar
      BrummieBoy -
      'Stretch Out and Wait': all postures
      Asleep: yoga nidra meditation
      there is a light that never goes out: candle meditation
      Sheila Take A Bow: Uttanasana forward bend



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