• "In the Year of the Pig" screening: Meat Is Murder sleeve (Oct. 14, London)

    I just received 56th London Film Festival programme and found a screening of In the Year of the Pig which will be shown on 14 October 20:45 at NFT3.

    Very rare screening which is actually my first time since I discovered the film through Meat Is Murder sleeve in 1985.
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    1. Suedeheadlover's Avatar
      Suedeheadlover -
      I'm currently watching it in its entirety on YouTube at this very moment. Absolutely fascinating to say the very least. I've posted a comment on there already in reference to MIM's cover photo. If you care to join me, just type in "In The Year Of The Pig 1968" in its search bar. It should be the very first video to appear in the search results.

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    1. 123xyz's Avatar
      123xyz -
      I've seen snippets previously but never got around to watching the whole thing . Must do this ...

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